September 2015

Expat Interview

Expat’s Insights – John Kelly

This month we will start to publish our series of interviews, where expats sharing their experiences of moving to Finland. The first interviewee is John Kelly, a professional game design manager from Ireland. John Kelly sits down across from me, the jovial Irishman smiling as usual....

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The officials' resources

Are the officials’ resources enough?

As the number of refugees in Finland increases, many questions may arise on how this will affect the application period of other residence permits. There's been concern that the influx of refugee applications will affect the system, causing delays. There has been a lot of...

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Checklist for wise HR

Many experienced HR-professionals find managing the requirements and special needs of a foreign employee as new and challenging tasks. We decided to make international recruitment easier by creating a checklist with this in mind. We've collected 12 points to ease your job - some of which...

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Schengen-järjestelmä laajenee

Schengen-system expands

The Schengen Visa Information System, first introduced in 2011, will contain information on all Schengen Visa applicants in the future. The use of this Visa Information System expands to all countries during 2015. For the Visa applicants the biggest change with the unified system is that...

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