November 2015

Successful Expat

A successful expat assignment

Moving is one of the biggest causes of stress in one's life, following the death of a loved one and divorce. That is why it is of the utmost importance that there are as few surprises and as many familiar and safe things as possible...

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Expat Interview

Expat’s Insights – Jan Pacesa

Jan Pacesa moved to Finland in August 2015 from Slovakia. Even before the move he had already had an idea of working abroad, gaining new experiences, and stepping outside his comfort zone. “International experience would certainly be of use in the future and it would...

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Slush aftermath

In the aftermath of Slush

Slush 2015 is over, and the experience was breathtaking! The Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki was filled with people and companies of all sorts, ranging from the most innovative startups to some of the largest multinational companies in the world. A large portion of...

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Slushin apuna rekrytoinnin haasteisiin

Aiding Slush in international recruitment

”Slush 2015 will, for the first time ever, feature a Recruiting Area. The focus is to eventually make recruiting an as important part of the event for startups as funding and media coverage are today” says Lauri Mikkola, a member of the partnerships team and...

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Työnantajan velvollisuudet ulkomaalaisen työntekijän palkkauksessa

Employer obligations when hiring foreign workforce in Finland

There is some uncertainty amongst employers about the employer’s requirements and obligations regarding hiring foreign professionals. As a rule of thumb it can be said, that a foreign employee is to be treated exactly as a Finnish employee working in similar post, including but not...

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