December 2015

Koulun päättäjäiset

School’s Out

Free high quality university education is a rare thing to find. In the vast majority of countries, students pay high tuition fees for a chance at a bright future. This week the Finnish parliament voted for universities in Finland to begin charging tuition fees from...

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Avainhenkilön verotus

Key Employee’s Taxation

When talking about Finland and working, the conversation often turns to the taxation of income. In Finland and abroad this is considered rather high, but Finland has taken into consideration the importance of attracting exceptional talents for both companies and the society at large. That...

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Suomi on hyvä maa tehdä töitä

Finland is a fine place to work

It’s a grey December morning in Finland. The year’s coming to an end and the days are short and bleak. To someone looking at the weather it seems like the last place that could hold promise. This is not the case. Beyond the admittedly ghastly...

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