December 2016


Slush 2016 – Success to the world

As November turns to December one will witness many marvelous things, but one of the most positive is the event in Helsinki known simply as Slush. The most dynamic startups, farsighted investors and other conference-going people the world over assembles for two days to form...

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Open you eyes = Integral Intercultural Impediments

The above term came about when I was pondering my presentation for the Esimies&Henkilöstö (Supervisor&Staff) 2016 conference. The subject was the importance of cultural training for the success of a multicultural work community. A multicultural work community is undoubtedly a significant success factor for organizations. These...

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First weeks of a foreign employee

The first weeks in a new country and company can be very stressful. The new employee may feel the new environment to be strange and settling in to be difficult, while the work community may feel the new arrival's continuous need for support to be...

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Keys to attract and retain talent

In the Finnish business magazine Talouselämä on 16.9.2016, the subject of attracting and retaining highly educated talent into a country was discussed. Simplified conclusion: MOTIVATION is essential. The article in question looked at the rankings of the different Nordic countries - including Finland - in an...

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ulkomaalainen työntekijä

The First Foreign Employee

The hiring of the first foreign employee into any organization is often a cause for some confusion. This is perfectly understandable, for the company will find itself in a situation that the majority of its staff has never necessarily faced before. There’s no cause for...

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Work permit or residence permit?

Work permit as a concept is used in many countries, but in Finland the right to work for people coming from outside the EU is based on the residence permit. EU citizens have the right to work in Finland without a separate permit application. Work...

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Brexit and Finnish Talent

Last Thursday night the unity of the European Union suffered a serious setback as the United Kingdom voted to leave the political union. Over the weekend we have read numerous articles about the subject: the impact of Brexit on the economy, people's concerns over the...

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Values in international mobility

What got you out of bed this morning? Why does your company exist? Why do some individuals and companies succeed better than others despite similar starting points, resources, field of business etc.? These questions are at the core of many seminars (e.g. the EuRA relocation congress...

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Good neighbors: Finland and Norway

Finland and Norway, two countries with similar but distinct histories and personalities. Fought over by others in the past and admired by many today, although the countries have similarities, there are also subtle differences. Out of all the Nordic people, Finns and Norwegians are perhaps the...

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