January 2016

CEOs concerned

CEOs concerned – Finland has the advantage

CEOs are having a hard time. Global economic growth is slow, the world is full of changes in industries, digitalization and the ongoing march of technology bring more competitors to the market. Despite all these, the number one concern for businesses in 2016 is attracting...

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Ulkomainen ajokortti Suomessa

Foreign driver’s licenses in Finland

Many foreign employees moving to Finland have a driver’s license in their home country and driving may have been a significant factor of their life there. There are several limitations to using a foreign driver’s license in Finland and exchanging a foreign license to a...

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Expat Interview

Expat Insights – Shama Goel

”All this furniture and these beloved items that have found their way into our living room over the years and that have a lot of memories attached to them” Shama Goel sighs deep and contentedly on her sofa “these make this apartment feel like a...

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