A peek at a relocation consultant’s work

What on earth is a relocation consultant? FRS relocation consultant Maisa Travis is telling her experiences.

I am a relocation consultant. The term doesn’t say anything to a normal person, that’s what I’ve noticed. I didn’t know it myself before my husband who works in an international company told me. Those who have moved to another country for a job or those who are working in a business world know what I’m talking about.

Shortly, a relocation consultant helps people who move to another country for their job. Relocation consultant finds homes for the employees and helps with administrational issues (for example opening a bank account, applying for a tax card, registration to the Finnish government, etc.) and with many other things. The above mentioned are just the most important.

My job is not rocket science. But only those who have a strong desire to help other people and who are passionate about other cultures and likes meeting new people can do this job. It’s more than that but these are the main things that this job is all about. I love to get to know other people, hear their stories and learn about other cultures. I love to tell them about Finland and Finnish culture. I want to give a good impression to the people whose new home country Finland is.

Many people who come to Finland for a job are here for good. It’s a huge term. It is a period without an ending. Many times I’m wondering are my customers sure that they want to spend the rest of their lives here in a cold Nordics. Whenever I’m with my customer in a Digital and population system office (doing registrations) and the official asks how long my customer is going to stay in Finland and they say “permanently”, it gives me goosebumps and I feel so proud that they have chosen my home country! It is very brave to choose that and it motivates me to do my work as well as possible so their first impression about Finland and Finnish culture would be good and they truly would enjoy living here. What happens after their relocation services are over it’s not in my hands anymore but at least I do my best to give them a positive start.

As a relocation consultant, I meet lots and lots of people from many different countries. I can’t count the countries anymore in my fingers where my customers come from and it feels amazing! I like that I can get to know other cultures and compare my own country to theirs. People are usually very chatty and open to talking about their cultures. But sometimes some of my customers are shyer and I respect that as well if they are not excited to talk too much with me. I just need to understand my customers’ needs and be sensitive about that. Usually, people love to talk about their cultures.

Many times my customers are wondering how clean country Finland is and there are not many cars in Helsinki. Many people are also amazed how drivers are so polite when they see me driving. I always tell them that Finns are rule-oriented people and we live by rules so this country stays in order. After telling that, my customers are even more amazed. There are rules in every country but not many countries follow the rules as Finns do. I always hear the same answer: “I like it!”. So do I. I have noticed that because of my job I have started to appreciate Finland and I see the country differently. Facing new cultures is refreshing.

It’s lovely to be able to see that enthusiasm and life that all my customers have when they have come to a new country. They are curious like children are, excited and sometimes afraid about everything around them.


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