Behind the scenes – My first weeks at a relocation company

What does a relocation company do? And how is it to work there during a global pandemic? Our new Marketing Specialist Sini tells about her first month at Finland Relocation Services.

I started working at FRS in the beginning of March. During my first weeks I have gotten to know the world of relocation services by observing the work at the office and in the field.

Already on my first day I accompanied a consultant when she went to do ”the registrations” with a customer who had recently arrived in Finland. This included filling several documents and visiting different offices related to immigration, taxes, and social security. These registrations are sometimes difficult even for locals, so they are certainly challenging for expats, who may be used to very different policies in their home countries.

Next, I participated in apartment search. It began with finding out the customer’s preferences concerning the size, location, and price of the apartment, as well as other possible requirements. The customer chose her favorites among the apartments we suggested, and we booked the viewings. We accompanied her in the viewings, which was very helpful since some of the presenters didn’t speak English. After seeing many nice apartments, the customer found her favorite. We helped her with the rental agreement, utilities, and home insurance as well.

My third visit was a move-in check with a family who had already found their future home in Finland. We picked up the keys and checked the condition of the new apartment; this is important in order to avoid possible misunderstandings in the future when the residents move out again. We also helped to organize cleaning.

Relocation company supports companies and foreign employees

In addition to the ”fieldwork”, I observed the work at our office, where our relocation, immigration, and coordination teams organize the customers’ relocation processes. The global coronavirus pandemic has made my first weeks very special; the border closures and other restrictions naturally have an impact on the relocation work. However, the experienced professionals have handled the changes and reorganizations smoothly, and the customers have been especially thankful for the help during this difficult situation.

As a former expat myself, I know moving abroad isn’t always easy; since every country is different, there are always challenges you didn’t expect. Finding an apartment and handling the paperwork can be extremely stressful, when you’re starting a new job at the same time. I think relocation services are a much-needed help so that the new employee can fully concentrate on their work from the beginning.


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