Expat Insight – Relocation and Pregnancy

Varun and Divya Galande moved to Finland in the spring of 2017. Their relocation was unique and intriguing because Divya was pregnant at the time. Despite the additional considerations for the new baby during the move, the family has settled into Finland well and offers...

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Spring 2018 Residence Permit Changes

Residence permits for an entrepreneur   In our previous blog post we talked about the new startup permit now available to non-EU citizens. The residence permit for an entrepreneur is split into two categories: a self-employed person with a company name and limited liability companies. Before the...

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Expat Insight – The Gagarin Story

Cecilia Gagarin and her husband Arlie Capalad moved to Finland from Australia in 2016 for her work. Despite the massive differences in climates, they have adapted to their lives in Finland exceptionally well.   The couple was interested in moving to Finland for many reasons. “I was...

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Relocating to the happiest country in the world

The Nordic countries can usually be found at the top of the annual ranking for “The World Happiness Report” by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. This year Finland topped the list of 156 countries by excelling in all of the measured areas: economic strength, freedom...

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Expat Interview

Expat Insight – Ashwini’s Story

We have often talked how important a trailing spouse’s role is when moving to work abroad. We are pleased to introduce Ashwini and her success story about her life in Finland. She is a shining example that with a proactive approach a spouse can find...

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EU-citizen’s right of residence

An EU-citizen’s right of residence and working in Finland are amongst the most important aspects of membership in the Union. The free movement of people has created both companies and individuals an excellent opportunity to match needs and talent.   Finland is seen in a very positive...

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Työnantajan velvollisuudet ulkomaalaisen työntekijän palkkauksessa

Posted worker – employer’s responsibilities

Posted worker is a person who has been sent from another country to Finland to work as a service provider either as a subcontractor, intra-company transfer (ICT), or as temporary work. This means that his normal place of work is in another country and regardless...

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Talent mobility specialist speaks

Johanna is a talent acquisition and mobility specialist in a major company and responsible for the international mobility affairs of multiple countries in Europe. In her work the emphasis on relocation services and –assistance has been implemented fairly recently.   “We started these initiatives last year, and...

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Foreign Employee’s Needs

When a foreign employee moves to a new country he will have a lot of questions about working and living there. In order for his input to be utilized as effectively and quickly as possible, answering these questions is of paramount importance. So what are...

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