Work permit or residence permit?

Work permit as a concept is used in many countries, but in Finland the right to work for people coming from outside the EU is based on the residence permit. EU citizens have the right to work in Finland without a separate permit application. Work...

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Brexit and Finnish Talent

Last Thursday night the unity of the European Union suffered a serious setback as the United Kingdom voted to leave the political union. Over the weekend we have read numerous articles about the subject: the impact of Brexit on the economy, people's concerns over the...

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Values in international mobility

What got you out of bed this morning? Why does your company exist? Why do some individuals and companies succeed better than others despite similar starting points, resources, field of business etc.? These questions are at the core of many seminars (e.g. the EuRA relocation congress...

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Good neighbors: Finland and Norway

Finland and Norway, two countries with similar but distinct histories and personalities. Fought over by others in the past and admired by many today, although the countries have similarities, there are also subtle differences. Out of all the Nordic people, Finns and Norwegians are perhaps the...

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Engaging is challenging

Although automation, digitalization, and technological advancement reduce jobs in many sectors, the importance of talent in companies continues to increase. The top concerns for CEOs are the attraction and retention of talent, and the identification of the next generation of leaders (Mitchel et al., 2016)....

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Finland and Denmark

Good neighbors: Finland/Denmark

Finland and Denmark, two countries very similar in population, but with vast differences in size. Just like the countries have similarities and differences, so do the people and the cultures. Søren Sørensen and Jaana Aalto-Sørensen are a Danish-Finnish couple who personify and open the dynamic...

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Global talent management

The mutual-benefits perspective in global talent management

Traditionally, the ’outside-in’ approach has driven organizations to send talented employees on expatriate assignments. This means that these global talent decisions are based on external factors such as the needs of global clients. And this intuitively makes sense for the employers looking to maximize the...

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The officials' resources

Resources of the officials

In early autumn of 2015 we investigated whether the significant increase in migrants and asylum seekers would impact the ability of public officials to deal with the applications. We promised to keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated on whether the processing...

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