Coronavirus information 23.4.2020: Current situation

Current situation and restrictions in Finland 23.4.2020. The restrictions are in force until 13 May, unless stated otherwise. The Government is to meet on 3 May to discuss how the restrictions will continue.

Current restrictions 23.4.2020

  1. Border crossings
    • Finland’s borders have been closed and passenger traffic to Finland has been suspended. Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland are allowed to return to Finland.
    • People returning from abroad will be placed in quarantine-like conditions for two weeks.
  2. Traveling within Finland
    • Restrictions on movement between Uusimaa and other regions were lifted on 15 April. However, all non-essential travel should be avoided within Finland as well.
  3. Schools
    • Contact teaching has been restricted at all levels of education.
  4. Events and meetings
    • All public events, meetings and gatherings with more than 10 attendees, whether indoors or outdoors, are prohibited.
    • Events of more than 500 people are banned until at least 31 July.
  5. Restaurants
    • Restaurants, cafés and bars will remain closed until 31 May.
    • Takeaway meals may be sold either directly to the customer or for delivery.
  6. Sports and cultural services
    • Municipal swimming pools and other indoor sports facilities have been closed.
    • State and municipal museums, theaters and libraries are closed.

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