Coronavirus Information 8.4.2020: News, recommendations and new services

We want to keep you informed of the most recent changes in Finland which have an effect on international mobility. We have also created recommendations and new services to help companies and their employees.

Recent changes

  • Restrictions on Finland’s border traffic continue until 13 May. (More information here)
  • The quarantine rules are now tighter. Quarantine-like conditions mean that the person must be at home, in a hotel or in other accommodation for 14 days without close contact with other people. They should not go to a grocery store or a pharmacy unless this is essential. Public transport must not be used. Outdoor activities are permitted, while avoiding close contacts, if the person’s health so permits.

Our recommendations for recruiters

We understand it may feel challenging to make mobility plans at the moment. However, this situation will soon be over, and to avoid bottlenecks later, we encourage you to evaluate the need for foreign recruits post COVID-19. We warmly recommend initiating e.g. the immigration process as soon as you have identified the right candidate. A lot of preparations can be done already now even though the Finnish missions abroad are closed at the moment. Ultimately, we want to ensure that your new recruits have completed the necessary first steps and will be ready for their personal visits when the missions abroad reopen.

FRS is happy to help you with all your immigration needs – in Finland or abroad. We would like to remind you that an in-country residence permit application for those applicants who have visa-free access to Finland will again be possible when Finland’s borders open. In addition, you possibly have employees who have not been able to return to their home countries as planned due to current travel restrictions so a permit extension might be necessary. Please get in touch with for assistance!

New services available due to demand

Some of the other services we have created for our clients during these difficult times include:

  • Arranging services for those in isolation or voluntary quarantine
  • Arranging quarantine accommodation
  • Help line services
  • Assistance related to rental contracts and terminations
  • Assistance with document legalizations and authority related services

Please do not hesitate getting in contact with us. We can customize just the right solution for you and your employees.