Working in Finland – From Germany to Tampere

Sven from Germany has lived with his family in Finland for about two years. He talks about his experiences of working in Finland and the Tampere region.

Finland through the eyes of a German

According to Sven, living in Finland has been a really positive experience, and the country has many advantages. “I especially like the modern society, where everything works smoothly and efficiently. Germany is a very well structured country too, but in such a large country, change is slower. In Finland, everything can be done quickly online, while in Germany there is more paperwork and bureaucracy. For example, here doctors can see information written by other doctors from a common database, so you can easily deal with different companies. In Germany, doctors send your information to each other by mail.”

Sven says that although it is more expensive to live in Finland than in Germany and many other countries, you get value for your money here. “People see that tax money is being used for their benefit; for example, childcare and healthcare are very good and unproblematic. Living in Finland also feels safe, because here people follow the rules.”

Life in Tampere region

Sven lives in Lempäälä, which he says is a really pleasant place: “In Lempäälä, the quality of life is very good. According to some research, Lempäälä is the happiest municipality in Finland – and Finland is the happiest country in the world.”

Sven’s workplace is in Tampere, which he says is a really nice city. “Tampere is a city of the right size, because it has everything you need in a small area. The city has a lot to do, such as attractions, restaurants, events, beaches and an amusement park. People are also happy and open-minded, perhaps due to the city’s student culture.”

Working in Finland

According to Sven, the best thing about Finnish work culture is the work-life balance: “People can leave work in time and have time for their families, but still work is done well. Finns work efficiently; they achieve the same results in less time than others.”

Sven works as a manager and he likes the way Finns work: “Finnish employees are very open, honest and trustworthy. They don’t expect me to make all the decisions for them and tell them what to do, but they want to get involved and make decisions together. They want to use their own brains, so my role as a leader is to inspire and coach them.”

Helpful Finns

Sven says Finns are very reliable and helpful. “I got help every time I needed it. As a foreigner, I find it very easy that you are not expected to speak Finnish, but everyone is willing to speak English to you. And they really appreciate it if you learn some words and show that you want to integrate into the culture. Actually, it’s even too easy to live in Finland without speaking Finnish, because that’s why I haven’t learned the language so well. However, it has never been a problem. ”

According to Sven, it is not easy to get to know Finns, but once you find friends, they’re friends for life. He advises those who move to Finland to be active: “Here we have learned that we need to actively approach people to get to know them. Finns don’t usually approach you and offer their friendship, so you have to take the initiative. Eventually, you will find friends. This way, we have made many good friends in Finland. ”



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