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An important part of a successful relocation is the integration of the employee’s spouse into a new country. Finland Relocation Services has now developed a new service to support the accompanying spouse.

Supporting the spouse of a foreign employee is important

Spouse’s integration into a new country is considered a critical part of a successful international relocation. It affects the employee’s motivation at work and willingness to stay in the new country. Studies have shown that the spouse’s integration issues are the most common cause for failure in expat assignments.

According to our research, a happy and well-integrated spouse increases an employee’s productivity in the workplace and supports their interactive integration by organizing social activities. Off-the-job support is reflected in better well-being and thus in performance in the workplace as well. Supporting the spouse maximizes the employee’s productivity. 

Read more about our study here! Also in this article, we talk more about the importance of supporting the spouse.

FRS Spouse Support Program

The FRS Spouse Support Program supports the adaptation of the spouse of a foreign employee to Finland. Each spouse has their own needs and interests, so the service is tailored to the client’s needs. Our approach is to interview the customer and get insights on what interests them. This helps us offer tailored services that specifically help the customer feel at home in Finland.

Whether it be finding work, building social networks, picking up hobbies, getting into volunteer work, or furthering their education, FRS is here to help.

An excellent way to attract global talent

With our service, the spouse gets everything on a one-stop-shop basis. FRS has solid experience in the field and you can rely on the quality of our services. We can provide a personal and flexible service. Due to our extensive networks and knowledge of the business field, we find the best solutions for each customer efficiently. 

Our service is an excellent way to attract international professionals. A potential employee may hesitate to move to Finland if the spouse’s well-being in the new home country is uncertain. With our help, the spouse is better equipped to find meaningful things to enjoy in Finland.

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