“From day one, I knew Finland is my home!”

Afrooz moved to Finland for the second time already. She fell in love with the country, the culture – and even the cold weather.

Back to Finland

Afrooz moved from Iran to Tampere with her husband in September 2020, to work as a local product owner in a telecommunications company. This was the second time she moved to Finland: she had lived in Oulu for many years when she studied wireless communication and worked as a researcher at the University of Oulu.

Even though she had lived in Finland before, she finds the relocation services very helpful. “It was really important. I found out that my old mobile contract had not been cancelled for some reason and thus I had a default of payment marking, so without our relocation consultant, we would not have been able to rent a home. With relocation services, everything was so smooth and super easy. Our consultant gave us all the forms and helped to fill them, helped to find a home and with move-in check and utilities. In Oulu, I lived in a student apartment, so I didn’t know about home search in Finland.”

The land of opportunity

While living in Oulu, Afrooz liked Finland so much that she wanted to move here again. “From day one, I knew Finland is my home! I had a great time in Oulu. I know some people don’t like the weather, but I like it, I love cold weather. I like Finland because it’s such a peaceful country, everything is well organized so it’s so easy to live here. Here you always have space to grow; if you live here and know what you want to do, there are many opportunities. The language is difficult, but you can find a way. Whenever you need help, even if someone doesn’t speak English so well, they try their best to help you.”

Afrooz likes the work culture in Finland as well. “I only know my company, but I like it a lot. It’s so easy to work here, everyone is very helpful. There is no pressure when you start working, but if you prove you are good, you can achieve. I have worked here for less than a year and I already got promoted from software developer engineer to local product owner. In Iran it was more difficult to get promoted. The best thing here is gender equality, at least in my company they try their best. My manager, her manager, and her manager are all women. In my company, if you are a woman and good at your job, you have the same opportunities to get promoted as a man.”

“After living in Finland, you don’t want to move anywhere else!”

Afrooz likes to live in Tampere. “There are more restaurants and shops, and you can see more people than in Oulu. But it’s still calm and not crowded, I really like it here.”
Also her husband likes to live in Finland. He had his own restaurant in Iran and is now studying Finnish so he can open a restaurant here. Afrooz is studying the language as well with a real goal to learn it. They would like to stay in Tampere and are currently looking for a home to buy.

“After living in Finland, you don’t want to move anywhere else! Everything is so easy here, there is so much nature, the weather is good, and the people are nice. I’m just happy here.”


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