Global talent is moving to Finland

The pandemic has led people to re-evaluate where they want to live. For example, many top technology experts want to move from Silicon Valley to Finland. Why do international experts now want to move to Finland?

Work-life balance

According to many people who have moved from abroad, the best thing in Finland is the work-life balance. Here, working days are shorter, there are more vacation days and less commuting time than in many other countries.

Reconciling work and family is also an important benefit for many foreign employees. In Finland, the lives of families are made easier, for example, by a comprehensive daycare system, parental leave, and financial support for families.

Modern technology

Finland is known as a technology country. Despite its small size, it’s one of the world’s leading countries in the development of artificial intelligence, for example. Finns develop new innovations constantly, and developments happen faster than in larger countries.

“I especially like the modern society, where everything works smoothly and efficiently. In Finland, everything can be done quickly online.” Sven, Germany

High-speed internet connections work almost everywhere in Finland, and mobile data is affordable. This has been particularly important during the pandemic. In Finland, remote working has been relatively easy, and for example online grocery shopping is already quite common here.

Everything works smoothly, even during a pandemic

The Finnish society doesn’t stop even in the face of a global pandemic. Compared to many other countries, it has been possible to maintain a relatively normal life here.

“It’s a lot calmer and more collected here. Everyone is social distancing as much as they can, but they are handling it very calm, it’s not like a panic situation. Many places are closed and there are signs and restrictions, but the city is still functioning.” Nitin and Layna, USA

Trust and safety

In Finland, people trust public institutions and other people. According to the UN Happiness Report, the high trust also contributes to the country’s recovery from a crisis like a pandemic. Finland is also one of the safest countries in the world, and it has also been noticed by international experts who have moved here.

“There is a general sense of trust and safety in Finland. Here people trust each other and I think this gives better results, as trust creates responsibility.” Inês, Portugal


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