Half a year of pandemic

In March 2020, the coronavirus began to spread more and more in Finland. Recommendations and restrictions began to affect the lives of those living in Finland and moving here. Since March, what has changed in the field of global mobility, and what is the situation now?

Adapting to the changes

Remote meetings and digital solutions have become more common with the pandemic. In the relocation sector, this is essential in the home search process, as property showings and contract meetings are increasingly done remotely.

We have also adapted to the new situation by organizing new services. For example, we offer services that support employees during voluntary quarantine by arranging apartments, transportation, food, and other necessary services.

The importance of flexibility has been emphasized and changing situations need to be constantly monitored. We closely follow changes to travel restrictions, quarantine recommendations, and government guidelines so that we can notify our customers as soon as possible. We update the latest information on restrictions in this article.

It is also important to stay up to date on the changing practices of the officials so the registrations can be done smoothly. Many offices now require an appointment or only serve by phone, and there have been changes in appointment practices as well.

The situation now

At the moment, foreign employees get to Finland quite well, as entry is allowed on the basis of work and a residence permit. However, there is less choice in flights compared to the pre-pandemic. Restrictions in countries of origin and delays in residence permits can also make the processes slower.

Despite the exceptional situation, many foreign experts have already successfully settled in Finland. You can read on our blog the experiences of Kim, Jamie, and Nitin and Layna about relocating to Finland during the corona pandemic.

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