No School Like New School

The Espoo International School has opened to a new semester in new and gorgeous premises in Suurpelto, Espoo. This public international school offers English education to approximately 570 people at this time. The school has three parallel tracks, so almost every grade from 1 to 9 has three parallel and equal groups.

International education in English in Espoo started already over 20 years ago, first in the comprehensive schools of Postipuu and Komeetta and then in the Espoo International School’s junior high school in Pohjois-Tapiola. Now all of these school grades (1-9) are under the same roof. The project has been long in the making, the first discussions were held and the first plans were drawn 15 years ago. The principal of the school Ms. Anne-Marie Rapo has been engaged in the planning for the entire duration of the project and now rejoices over the successful result.”This feels fantastic, this is a huge help for families. We can finally provide comprehensive international education in English for students in one location.”

Anne-Marie Rapo says that students were excited, expectant, and smiling on the first day of the semester. The new premises allow for a multitude of activities, the school yard is stimulating and the differing interests of students of all ages have been taken into consideration. The school invests in active participation and strives towards diverse activity. Varied extracurricular activities and clubs are organized both during the school day and after hours. For example, the robotics- and programming clubs are very popular.

Some of the international students have moved to Finland because of their parents’ work, while some are children of returning expats who have studied in English while abroad. Some of the students have one parent who speaks English as his or her native language and part of the first grade students come from the international kindergartens in the capitol area. One of the unconditional prerequisites the school has is adequate English skills, which are tested during application.

Because international families move a lot, the student situation in the EIS is constantly changing, sometimes from week to week. Currently there is room on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades. The education follows the Finnish primary school curriculum, but the junior high school grades (7-9) follow the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The school is located at Lillheimintie 1, 02250 Espoo.

For more information on the EIS – read here: Espoo International School


FRS wishes the new school much success!

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