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Moving to a new country offers a great opportunity to widen one’s perspective. If settling-in to everyday life is not problem free, the effects can be seen at the workplace as well. In the worst case scenario the expensive and lenghty recruitment will fail and the expert returns prematurely. The risk is even greater if the accompanying family, especially the spouse, is unhappy.

Managing  residence and work permits in a professional manner is compulsory to avoid business and personal risks. FRS and its network partners will make sure all immigration matters will be processed in an appropriate manner globally.

We will reliably manage all relocation needs to any country. We know that the most important parts of a successful relocation are effortlessly handled bureaucracy, finding a pleasant home, and making sure that leisure time activities and other matters relating to life outside work are well managed. In addition, families have the children’s school and daycare to consider, as well as entertainment for the whole family and meaningful activities for the spouse, which are vital for a pleasant stay. We have experience and partners across the globe, which enable us to offer high-quality relocation services in every corner of the world. With our help a new country will quickly become a new home.

Our services ensure that the intenational transfer is successful. Our clients consider our services important when attracting and retaining international talent.




Immigration services

Being knowledgeable of the policies and regulations of each host country can be daunting. Sending talent across the globe will be a breeze with FRS Easy Landings. Work permits and visas are professionally processed, allowing the assignee a relaxed start in the new location.

Relocation services

Finding a nice home, help with lease negotiations and utilities set-up is part of our services. We together with our local partner help with schools, day care, hobbies and other everyday life issues. Easy and efficient!

Other services

On top of our core services we offer other professional mobility services through our external partners. These include but are not limited to international tax advisory services, HR-services, removal and coaching services. Please ask for more information.


Understand what your mobility services could look like and how they can benefit your business.