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Moving to a new country is often a difficult operation and the most stressful experience in one’s life. If settling-in to everyday life is not problem free, the effects can be seen at the workplace as well. In the worst case scenario the expensive and lenghty recruitment will fail and the expert returns to his or her home country. According to the latest studies this happens in 10-30% of all cases. When the cultural differences are particularly radical, such as moving from Europe to China or India for example, the percentages are significantly higher. The risk to a company’s operations in such a country are great, particularly when founding a new office.

Relocation services ensure that the international mobility efforts succeed in the desired way. The new employee will be able to get to work much faster and the entire organization will save time and resources to be directed at developing their core business. As internationalization and staff development are increasingly vital to a company’s success, high-quality relocation services are more significant factors to a company’s success than ever before.




We will map your needs and tailor a service package that suits you. Six standard programs can be used as a basis, which we can supplement with additional services, such as moving services, language courses and temporary accommodation.

FRS Compact

This program includes immigration according to employee’s nationality and local registrations, opening a bank account, finding a home and help with all rental related issues.

FRS Business

This program offers your newly hired talent a more comphrensive support with more extensive home-finding and settling-in support - Ease and comfort of an effortless move.

FRS Family

Well-being of the family is of crucial importance for the commitment and success of the employee in the job. FRS Family includes Business -level services for the whole family including e.g. arranging schools and day care for the children.


“In order to meet expectations of the international players, we need to know them inside-out, so our team is very international. We are looking for talents worldwide and Finland Relocation Services is helping us to bring them over to Finland and make them feel at home in the new country. FRS is not only our link to the Finnish Embassies around the world where our candidates apply for the visas, it is also a friendly helping hand here on the ground when it comes to the accommodation search, local registrations or school applications. But most importantly FRS is a friend who always find personal approach to each individual.”

Katya Dolgova, COO, Redhill Games

“AlphaSense hires top candidates from all over the world to join our team in Helsinki. Finland Relocation has made hiring remote candidates easy as we can trust the relocations will be taken handled with care and professionalism.”

Eero Jyske, SVP, AlphaSense

“Finland Relocation Services is very professional relocation company, excellent services from start to end. I have had a long co-operation and good partnership with FRS because of their know-how, flexibility and years of experience. All the specialists in FRS are very committed to their work and it helps me on my work as I can totally trust on them. It’s good to have a vendor of which you can continuously hear positive feedback.”

Johanna Peura, Global Mobility Manager, Neste


On top of our core services we offer other professional mobility services through our external partners. These include but are not limited to international tax advisory services, HR-services, removal and coaching services. Please ask for more information


Understand what your mobility services could look like and how they can benefit your business.