Changes in the Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service is renewing their customer service, which will be only available by phone in the future. Their service point in Helsinki will no longer offer personalized guidance, but further clarifications for applications can still be returned to the service point in addition to the e-service and mail. As the focus shifts to e-services and the responsibility for the applications is more heavily placed on the applicant, the office has recently also renewed the appearance and functionality of their online portal.

The e-service for residence permits for both the Finnish Immigration Service and police has undergone a complete overhaul during the summer. The service has a brand new appearance and an improved structure. In addition to the new visual improvements, the service has implemented a two-factor authorization.

Similar to the previous e-service portal, the new EnterFinland-service can be used to apply for a residence permit based on work and/or study, extensions for these, Finnish citizenship, or EU-registration. Other residence permits are still applied for via a paper-application, which needs to be returned to either a Finnish Embassy abroad or to the police in Finland.

The portal has been designed by web designers, immigration service customers, and the officials that handle the applications. Because the service is brand new, it is constantly being developed further in co-operation with customers. There may be breaks in the service and the Immigration Service is requesting people to report any such problems. The Immigration Service offers email service during these outages.

We continue to provide assistance with these applications, regardless of the system used.