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Residence permit services

A foreign citizen coming to work in Finland must have a valid residence permit with the right to work regardless of nationality. Any and all family members must also have a valid residence permit. It is the legal responsibility of every employer to ensure that their employees have these valid residence permits. Handling the affairs related to the residence permits requires time and expertise and it is of vital importance that all affairs with the permits are managed professionally and correctly.


We have supported our clients with their international mobility efforts for over twenty years. Our professional and experienced staff knows the latest statutes and requirements. So why not hand over your immigration and global mobility efforts over to us? You will save time and effort and ensure that all permit and registration affairs will be flawlessly taken care of.

Benefits to companies

Our service is straightforward and safe and frees a company’s resources to further their own core business. Expatriate assignments and the hiring of foreign professionals becomes easier when they are handled by an immigration professional. Our tried and tested ERP and monitoring processes ensure that nothing is forgotten and uncertainties are avoided altogether. We will answer the newcomers’ questions and help them and the receiving organization to overcome any challenges in the move. Thus the employing organization will also have an easier time of it and strengthens their positive image as a responsible employer.

Benefits to movers

The requirements and arrangements for residence permits are confusing and often perceived as difficult, but not so for our clients. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a safe and pleasant move is expectation management and clear instructions. We will assist our client through the entire permit process and make sure that they are aware of all that is required. We help our clients make sure that they have the right documents and that their applications are properly filled out. We will also deal with the authorities on our clients’ behalf after the application has been turned in and keep them updated of the progress.


After the residence permit has been granted we will also assist in other mandatory registrations and other relocation needs. The newcomer and their potential family will not be left alone even after their immigration.

Other registrations

One is not clear of the bureaucratic labyrinth with only the residence permit however. It is extremely important that other official registrations are also taken care of promptly and with care. The necessary registrations will easily take a lot of time and even seemingly insignificant aspects if overlooked may stall getting to productive work by weeks. The damage to motivation may also be significant. For example, applying for a tax card and social benefits, as well as registering one’s home municipality are all important matters to take care of when moving to Finland.


With our assistance all of your bureaucratic affairs will be solved as easily as possible. Our clients trust us to handle for example the following:


  • ID and social security numbers
  • Social security related issues
  • Proof of identity
  • Tax cards
  • Driving licenses


When all the bureaucratic affairs have been properly handled, settling in Finland and getting to be productive at work happens quickly.