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Cultural training

Moving to a new culture may prove a challenge even to an experienced expatriate. Succeeding at work, fluent networking, and having a relaxing life outside of work require an understanding and internalization of the local culture. We offer intercultural training specifically tailored to the needs of the newcomer and the organization that help the newcomer master the local style of communication, social interaction, organizational behavior and the norms of the business culture. We familiarize him or her in the local worlds of art, entertainment, and sports as well as local peculiarities – such as the Finnish sauna for example! The cultural training can be held either individually or in groups.

Training services

We offer training services to companies that aim to utilize a more international workforce. Preparing the organizational culture and the newcomer in advance will benefit the productivity of both the organization and the individual. Mutual understanding can ensure that the challenges of intercultural encounters are mitigated before they ever surface. We have successfully conducted many training programs for our clients.

Moving services

We all have property that we want to bring with us when we move. Ridding yourself of old furniture and buying a whole new set can be a significant cost and an additional burden that require further exertions from the newcomer and his or her family. Also, in order for the new home to be as comfortable and homely as possible, familiar items around the house will impart a feeling of security. As a full-service relocation service provider we also take care of our clients’ international moving efforts, regardless of country of origin.

International taxation

The differing tax codes between countries are often a cause of confusion for many, be they employers or employees. Particularly in more complex payment and reward schemes where the payment originates from or is paid abroad, a knowledge of international taxation legislation is highly necessary. Our clients have trusted us with all matters concerning international taxation to ensure that activities are correct according to laws and regulations and that taxation is optimized for both the employee and employer.

Consultation services

As companies become more internationalized or as new challenges present themselves, it is good to have a reliable and experienced partner. We have been and continue to be a part of a wide range of projects with our clients, such as:

  • Designing expat-policies
  • Developing the processes for managing international employees
  • Developing new services to support recruitment
  • Outsourcing agreed upon internal processes
  • Managing outplacement situations

All projects are created together with our clients and always include goals, reporting, and metrics.

Language training

Although in international business circles the usual lingua franca is English, learning the local language yields many benefits. By knowing the local language it is easier to be included in the community and is a clear sign of the employee’s respect for the local culture and customs. This will greatly reduce any possible resentment and resistance in the company against the newcomer. It also further ties the employee into the company.


Our language training is also available for spouses and other family members. With language studies the spouse’s employment perspectives will be greatly improved. The settling in of the children to the new environment will also be significantly easier with understanding of the language. Even a partial grasp on the local language is key to understanding the local culture.