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Moving to a new country

Moving to a new country is an eye-opening opportunity, but often also a difficult operation and one of the most stressful experience in one’s life. If settling-in to everyday life is not problem free, the effects can be seen at the workplace as well. In the worst case scenario the expensive and lenghty recruitment will fail and the desired expert returns to his or her home country. According to the latest studies this happens in 10-30% of all cases.


Relocation services ensure that the expensive and challenging international mobility efforts succeed in the desired way. As markets become more globalized and the competition for talent continues to increase, a company can find direct competitive advantages from managing their relocation affairs well. The new employee will be able to get to work much faster and the entire organization will save time and resources. The cost and time savings to both the employer and the employee are significant, as less time is spent on responsibilities outside of work and building a life in a new environment. This results in increased productivity.

Previsits and accommodation

Previsits to the new country are often invaluable. Even if a person has visited Finland during the interview process, the visit is often short and important aspects of living in the country, such as accommodation, are rarely touched upon.


Finding a comfortable home is a prerequisite for every successful relocation. Home is where you relax, live, and unwind from the pressures of work and life in general. If you are not comfortable in your own home, it is impossible to concentrate and give your best at the workplace either. The unique aspects of local housing markets may cause stress and uncertainty in rental situations.


We find our clients the optimal home for their needs and desired based on market availability. We guide them through local peculiarities and legislations and negotiate the best possible contracts for them, including utilities such as internet and electricity, and other necessities such as insurance.


Our clients can be secure in the knowledge that they can begin their new lives in their new home quickly and effortlessly.

Schools and daycare

The primary concern for newcomers with children is often their education in the new location. Fitting the differing school systems of different countries can be a daunting task, and identifying a suitable school often requires professional assistance. To families with very young children organizing daycare often requires significant investment in time and effort and familiarization in multiple options.

Organizing international education is a challenge. This is why our clients trust us to ensure their children’s education.

Settling-in services

Often already in their first contact, people start asking about life in the new location. It is a way to bring a sense of normality into a new and sometimes chaotic chapter in their lives. For a successful relocation, it is very important that the small and large issues of daily lives are attended to. We are often asked about the healthcare services, hobbies, services, stores, and public transportation, amongst other things. FRS ensures that all these matters are successfully taken care of.

People are keenly interested in their health and wellbeing, so it is only natural that local healthcare services are important to them. This is why we ensure that the newcomer and their family will be well aware of the healthcare services available to them and how to act with, for example their children.

Being aware of local stores and services will not only help the newcomer to feel more like a part of the community, but will ease their life immensely in the all-important first weeks.

Continuing a hobby that has lasted for many years or even a brand new one that you are dedicated to goes a long way in reducing the initial adjustment period where productivity is lower. We help our clients find the facilities and possibilities to continue their hobbies.

Occasionally it comes to pass that someone, usually the spouse of the employee, wishes to further their education in Finland. We support our clients in not only finding the right university and study program, but also with the application process itself. We have done and continue to do everything to enable our clients to further their education.

Spousal and family support

Spousal and family happiness is of paramount importance not only for the acceptance of the assignment but also for its success. If the spouse or family are not satisfied, this will have a direct negative impact on the employee’s work, productivity, and motivation. International studies have found that supporting the spouse and family is vital for the success of an international relocation.


The spouse’s employment opportunities and other meaningful activities, such as studies or volunteer work, have a tremendous impact on the employee’s long-term commitment in the assignment. As the number of so-called ”Dual Career” families increases, this factor becomes ever more important.


FRS offers our clients all the support necessary to ensure a smooth and enjoyable settling in. We have succcessfully helped thousands of couples and families in their transition to a new environment.