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Residence permits

The first step toward working in any foreign country is to establish the right of residence. Depending on the country in question, there are a number of different regulations and requirements for this. Regardless of what it’s called, it is an absolute necessity wherever you may wish to work. When a company sends their staff abroad the first challenge they ofter run into is the local legislation that may only have information in the local language. Even this may not be in plain language, as different bureaus in different countries have different responsibilities and names for different things.


We support our clients all over the world. As a member of the leading global networks we offer the same services regardless of the host country, while contact remains in Finland. All legal requirements and necessary relocation matters will be taken care of effortlessly with experience and professionalism.

Benefits to companies

When moving from Finland our clear and safe concept frees the organization’s resources to serve their core business. When finding a relocation operator for the target country is done effortlessly through a Finnish partner, the company can be safe in the knowledge that everything is well handled. The relocated employee gets to be productive as soon as possible. Expectations for the new country and the move will be set to a correct and accurate level, making it even more likely that the new assignment will be successful.

Benefits to movers

Moving to a new country is a stressful experience for everyone. The most important aspects of making the move as pleasant and safe as possible are expectation management and clear instructions. Before departure we will discuss with the departing employee and the host country consultant what to expect and what the departing employee needs to bring with them. We will ensure that the departure preparations in Finland are properly taken care of and that our representative in the host country is ready to receive him or her. Thus the move can be a pleasant experience.

Other registrations

Right of residence is only the first step in operating and living in a new country. Various local registrations and authority related matters will always take time and familiarization with the bureaucratic labyrinth of each country. In the worst case scenario a company may suffer severe financial or even legal repercussions for simple ignorance or unfamiliarity of the host country’s bureaucracy. For example taxation and potential social security are two matters that must be handled correctly the first time.


Our clients trust us to manage all of their official registrations. Regardless of country we will ensure that all official matters are taken care of. We manage for example the following:


  • local and international taxation
  • proof of identity
  • social security related matters
  • driver’s licenses
  • banking matters


Even the most minute authority matter will be attended to with a professional approach, thus ensuring a fast and effortless transition to productive work.