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Moving to a new country

Moving to a new country is often a difficult operation and the most stressful experience in one’s life. If settling-in to everyday life is not problem free, the effects can be seen at the workplace as well. In the worst case scenario the expensive and lenghty recruitment will fail and the expert returns to his or her home country. According to the latest studies this happens in 10-30% of all cases. When the cultural differences are particularly radical, such as moving from Europe to China or India for example, the percentages are significantly higher. The risk to a company’s operations in such a country are great, particularly when founding a new office.


Relocation services ensure that the international mobility efforst succeed in the desired way. The new employee will be able to get to work much faster and the entire organization will save time and resources to be directed at developing their core business. As internationalization and staff development are increasingly vital to a company’s success, high-quality relocation services are more significant factors to a company’s success than ever before.


A successful relocation effort means that the employee will be able to enter work quickly and with high motivation. The cost savings to both the employer and the employee are significant, as less time is spent on responsibilities outside of work and building a life in a new environment. The relocated employee can even energize his or her new location with the positive mood gained from a positive experience.


We will reliably manage all relocation needs to any country. We know that the most important parts of a successful relocation are effortlessly handled bureaucracy, finding a pleasant home, and making sure that leisure time activities and other matters relating to life outside work are well managed. In addition, families have the children’s school and daycare to consider, as well as entertainment for the whole family and meaningful activities for the spouse, which are vital for a pleasant stay. We have experience and partners across the globe, which enable us to offer high-quality relocation services in every corner of the world. With our help a new country will quickly become a new home.

Previsits and accommodation

A part of managing expectations, previsits to the new country are often invaluable. Managing expectations is the best way of reducing the premature termination of expat assignments and international transfers. This is why we and our partners ensure that the assignee has as comprehensive understanding of life in the new location as possible before moving.


Living in a new country is without exception a different experience than living in Finland. Rental legislation differs and utility contracts (water, electricity, gas, heating, internet) are often much more complex and expensive than in Finland. In major cities the unique traits of the rental markets can prove very problematic to the uninitiated. If moving to your own home is not effortless it is impossible to function at full capacity at work.


Accommodation must feel like home, a place where one can unwind and recover from the stress of the workplace. This way one can always give his or her best at the workplace. With the help of a local consultant our clients will swiftly find the perfect home based on their needs and desires. We guide them through local peculiarities and legislations and negotiate the best possible contracts for them regardless of the country and locale.

Schools and daycare

The primary concern for newcomers with children is often their education in the new location. The location of the chosen school will also often impact the location of the home. Fitting the differing school systems of different countries can be a daunting task, and identifying a suitable school is often challenging. Daycare-specific questions and concerns require a significant effort and in-depth familiarization with local options.


These questions of education are at the forefront of every relocating parent. We will go through all the options with our clients and get them acquainted with the schools if necessary. We offer our clients as professional and expansive support as possible to confidently gauge different options and when the decision is made, take care of the formalities on their behalf.

Settling-in services

For the employee and his/her family moving into a new country means getting used to the fact that many everyday chores feel like new, and the routines of everyday life will be taken care of in a bit different way than before. Based on the needs and wishes of the mover, we will induct him/her into the big and small aspects of everyday life, e.g.

  • shop and bank services
  • health care
  • public transportation
  • communication
  • recreation and study opportunities

From the employer’s point of view, a lot of time and trouble is saved when the competent FRS personnel guides the person relocating, and answers the practical questions. Smooth adaptation to everyday life make the new city feel like home, and enjoying the new environment provides a positive attitude and energy for work.

Spousal support

The accompanying spouse’s happiness is of paramount importance not only for the acceptance of the assignment but also for it’s success.

The smoother the practicalities related to the family of a relocating employee are taken care of, the easier a genuine integration is. We help take care that the spouse of the relocating employee can live a full and socially active life in the new environment. We will find out, according to the spouse’s wishes, the options for employment, studying, improving language skills, recreation, or, for example, voluntary work.