Reasons to hire from abroad

International recruitment is often necessary to find the best talent. Foreign employees also have skills that benefit companies in many ways. We listed a few reasons to hire from abroad.

In many sectors, hiring from abroad is necessary as there is a need for very specific skills that cannot be found in Finland. Also for other companies, international recruitment expands the opportunities to find the most suitable expert for the job. There are also many other benefits to hiring foreigners, here are some of them.

Understanding the global market

According to the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, a multicultural work community improves customer satisfaction for example because it helps understand different customer segments better.

It is especially important for companies operating in international markets to have employees from several countries, as they increase understanding of different target markets. For example, local knowledge of the Chinese market is useful, as practices that work well in Finland may not bring success elsewhere.

International skills

The globalization of the operating environment of companies also affects the skills needed in working life. The National Board of Education’s Hidden Competence publication presents the qualities of international experts that are especially important in today’s working life. Living and working abroad is known to increase language skills, intercultural understanding, co-operation and tolerance. According to the publication, living abroad also reinforces qualities that have not previously been associated with international experience: curiosity, productivity and persistence. These qualities are especially important in modern working life.

Many foreign experts have already lived in many countries before moving to Finland, so they have a very extensive international experience.

A growth mindset

According to the Harvard Business Review, those who move from one country to another often have a mindset that contributes to the success of the business. Moving to a new country requires courage, self-confidence and determination, as well as tolerance of uncertainty. A person who wants to move to work in a foreign country is not afraid of new challenges but is actively looking for solutions. This attitude, which emphasizes continuous development and innovation, is central to the growth of companies. The ability to adapt to a changing world is particularly important for businesses today, and immigrants certainly have experience of adapting.

According to HBR, the diversity brought in by foreign employees is profitable for companies also because research shows that diverse teams are more successful. Immigrants, for example, tend to take into account new ideas that would otherwise be overlooked.

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