Recruiting a developer from abroad

How can Finnish companies attract developers from abroad?

A solution to the coder shortage

For years, there has been talk in Finland of a “coder shortage” that threatens economic growth. The shortage of suitable experts has not disappeared with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, rather international experts are still needed. In addition to education, many tasks also require more extensive work experience, so in addition to re-education, hiring experienced software developers from abroad is needed as well.

Recruiting from abroad is often seen as a slow process, but in reality, it can be very quick, especially if assisted by an experienced Immigration Specialist. In fact, international recruitment improves the chances of finding a suitable expert faster than limiting the search to Finland only.

Attracting developers to Finland

International experts who have moved to Finland often say the best things in Finland are work-life balance, a functioning society, safety, and clean nature.

All of the above are also important factors in attracting foreign programmers, but Finland should also be marketed from a technology perspective. Finland has a modern and innovative atmosphere, and many companies specializing in advanced technology, which offer developers interesting career opportunities. We also saw the record of commercial 5G speeds go to a Finnish telecommunication company in 2020.

Finland is also ahead of many countries in utilizing technology in everyday life: services have been widely digitized and things can be done easily online. Compared to many other countries, mobile data is affordable and fast and works almost anywhere. Even cash payments have in fact become a rarity, with most customers using either cards or apps to pay for their goods and services.

Benefits offered by employers

Because of the fierce competition for programmers, the best experts are accustomed to the benefits offered by employers – a good salary alone may no longer be enough to attract an experienced programmer to a company. In addition to traditional employee benefits, employers offer programmers vacation trips and luxury office spaces with gaming rooms, for example. There may be room for more creative solutions as well.

First impressions often have far-reaching consequences for the employer brand as well. In the case of a foreign employee, the ease and success of immigration and settling in must also be taken into account. A smooth relocation process can have a significant impact on an employee’s satisfaction and willingness to stay in a new country and position. Providing relocation services and, for example, language courses can be an effective way of attracting foreign coders. Especially for those who have moved from one country to another before, information about the relocation services provided by the employer can have a big impact on the decision to take the job.


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