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We understand that your talent is one of your most valuable resources, and would never ask you to simply take us at our word. Instead, listen to our customers.

“The help of an relocation expert is really needed when employees move from one country to another. I appreciate Finland Relocation Services’ long experience, expertise and fast service. They know the rapidly changing laws and regulations, and also provide additional information and suggest solutions that we would not have been able to even ask for. Even during the corona epidemic, we have received all the support and help we need; The FRS has kept us updated and provided very useful information. We know that if challenging situations arise, they will help us.”

Helena Mattila, Employee Mobility Specialist, Fortum

“We have been cooperating with FRS for a long time. During these exceptional circumstances, things that we have not encountered before have arisen. There have been new situations with no direct solutions. However, FRS has been in regular contact with us, informing us of possible new issues and has been ready to help and find more information on the new issues during these exceptional circumstances.”

Mikaela Öberg-Mattila, HR Director, Remedy

“Finland Relocation Services is very professional relocation company, excellent services from start to end. I have had a long co-operation and good partnership with FRS because of their know-how, flexibility and years of experience. All the specialists in FRS are very committed to their work and it helps me on my work as I can totally trust on them. It’s good to have a vendor of which you can continuously hear positive feedback.”

Johanna Peura, Global Mobility Manager, Neste

“In order to meet expectations of the international players, we need to know them inside-out, so our team is very international. We are looking for talents worldwide and Finland Relocation Services is helping us to bring them over to Finland and make them feel at home in the new country. FRS is not only our link to the Finnish Embassies around the world where our candidates apply for the visas, it is also a friendly helping hand here on the ground when it comes to the accommodation search, local registrations or school applications. But most importantly FRS is a friend who always find personal approach to each individual.”

Katya Dolgova, COO, Redhill Games

“AlphaSense hires top candidates from all over the world to join our team in Helsinki. Finland Relocation has made hiring remote candidates easy as we can trust the relocations will be taken handled with care and professionalism.”

Eero Jyske, SVP, AlphaSense

“As a very diverse gaming company, we hire many of our talented colleagues from abroad, both from within and outside of the EU. Having FRS as a very knowledgable, experienced and service oriented relocation partner is a key part of our recruiting activities. We have been very happy with the professional support provided by the FRS Team, both to us as a company as well as to our relocating employees. Together, we have relocated many amazing people to Finland already, and the journey continues.”

Michaela Peltoniemi, Talent Manager, Next Games

What our assignees say

“I was very happy with the services provided and our relocation consultant prepared us perfectly well for our move to Finland! I have had issues with relocation in the past where not everything was communicated in terms of which documents we needed etc. but here our FRS relocation consultant handled everything exceptionally well and we also got the perfect place to live, thanks to FRS responding very fast.”

Tilmann, Germany

“The value provided here is not just the hours saved and hassle avoided. Being in the care of a competent and caring professional reduced our worry and made all of our other time more productive and enjoyable. What could have been a complicated and frustrating process was actually rather pleasant!”

Jim, USA

“My relocation consultant was really a great person – with a lot of knowledge, flexible and offering the needed information and ongoing process information all the time. I really enjoyed working with her and I am really grateful for the level of service provided for my relocation.”

Alexandru, Romania

“I was impressed by how quick Finland Relocation was able to find resolution to my residence permit dilemma. I was also able to get my permit approved as soon as possible, hence I was able to start in my new job as planned by the company.”

Karel, Philippines

“Our relocation consultant was absolutely perfection in helping us relocate to Finland smoothly and easily. She has given us information even we never expected to have. She has made our first weeks in Finland excellent and peaceful. We do not know how much we should thank her for what she has done for us. We also would like to thank FRS Coordination and Immigration teams as they helped us with paperwork for Finnish Residence Permit. They never left our questions unanswered and they always gave sufficient information to handle the process smoothly. Thank you, FRS!”

Ahmet, Turkey

“The services provided by FRS are essential for moving in a new country. In a 2 weeks time I was able to settle in the new country. The information and the support provided was excellent and timely. My relocation consultant made me feel home since day 1 and assisted me on every single request. I want to thank her for her professionalism and empathy.”

Sara, Italy

“I am really grateful and appreciate to have been supported by the FRS team from the very first steps of the relocation process including collecting necessary documents, filling variety of application forms, submitting them, waiting for response, and communicating with local authorities in the mid of COVID-19 related difficulties. I felt totally at ease and secure while being supported by my relocation consultant all the way knowing that I can rely on his and FRS expertise while facing some unexpected hickups inevitably occurring while settling in the new country. It is very reassuring that I can rely on this support and local expertise even now more than 8 months after relocation. I can definitely say that without FRS help my transition would not have been such a smooth experience, and thus allowing me to fully focus on my job.”

Victor, Canada


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