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“We have worked with Finland Relocation Services for many years. We especially value their immediate and hassle-free way of dealing with us. All we need to do is pick up the phone and we will receive help right away, whether it is about the need to organize practical matters for a person coming to Finland or to receive an expert’s opinion on how to take care of something. They are well on top of all developments in Finland regarding for example the immigration process.

The feedback we have received from our own employees regarding their services has been outstanding.

We have a very trustworthy partnership, that I value very highly.”

Martina Haglund, Area HR Manager, Borealis Polymers Oy



“Valio Ltd.’s international assignments are a vital part of our business and people management, even though our numbers are still relatively small compared to many international actors. Assignments are prepared by Valio’s HR in coordination with our local subsidiaries. To assist in this we use external service providers, of whom Finland Relocation Services has been one of our most trusted partners. The seminars FRS holds regarding international mobility have been extremely valuable and interesting content-wise, and excellent opportunities for networking.

We have thus far used FRS primarily for cultural training for assignments from Finland to abroad. This training is offered to both the expat and his or her entire accompanying family. The feedback for the FRS services has been outstanding without exception. One of our employees and his wife heading to the United States told me that they were given practical advice and tips on subjects that they wouldn’t have even considered.

I can warmly recommend Finland Relocation Services to any company sending their employees abroad or bringing talent to Finland.”

Harriet Lemberg,  HR-specialist, International Mobility and Travel Management, Valio Oy



”The FRS Immigration Team is very knowledgeable and understands the Finnish Immigration process very well. They were extremely helpful, professional and responsive. I am exceptionally satisfied with their white glove service. 🙂 I have much enjoyed working with them! Thank you.”

Ivana, Immigration Advisor



“The most valuable aspect of Finland Relocation Service’s service to me is the overall understanding of a “smooth relocation process”. Also the fact that we can completely rely on FRS knowing their field and we can trust our new joiners will get all the help needed.”

Pauliina Artiola, Recruiter, Unity Technologies



“This recommendation comes straight from the heart: The supreme experience and professionalism of FRS combined with their values is seen throughout the company in everything they do. We can always count on receiving trustworthy and expert assistance from Finland Relocation Services in all matters related to international mobility.

Saija Suursoho-Kaikkonen, HR Specialist, Ramboll


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