Relocation services after the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world in many ways, and also the field of global mobility. For example, companies have needs for new types of services, and there may be changes in the competition for global talent.

New services

Due to the pandemic, the importance of virtual home search has grown. It is no longer just a useful addition to services, but in many cases a necessary part of a successful relocation. Read more about finding home for a foreign employee in our previous post.

Virtual home search also benefits the employees moving to Finland. When the apartment is ready before entering the country, the employee’s time is saved and he can focus fully on work from the start. There’s also no need for temporary housing

Companies have needs for other new services as well. For example, we have helped to arrange quarantine housing, and apply for extended permits for those who haven’t been able to enter their home country due to travel restrictions. A pandemic has shown how important it is to be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing situations.

Attracting foreign talent

A pandemic can also have an impact on the position of different countries in the competition for global talent. Especially in the case of permanent migration to a new country, the decision to move is influenced not only by the interesting job offer but also by the attractiveness of the destination country.

Finland has several competitive advantages, the importance of which may increase due to the pandemic. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world, and high-quality healthcare is available to everyone. Avoiding infections is also easier in Finland, as population density is low, and many everyday things can be done online.

The importance of professional relocation services

The pandemic has made people support local businesses. NIM.MERSION’s Lena Rekdal writes that also companies want to work with local and owner-managed providers: “They prefer to have the local assurance that the service will be carried out without putting risking being affected by natural disasters or political unrest in a different part of the world. ”

Finland Relocation Services is a Finnish company, and our experts have in-depth knowledge of the country’s regulations and official practices. With our specialization in relocation services and 26 years of experience, we can help our customers succeed in international relocations even during and after an exceptional situation such as a pandemic.

The need for professional relocation services will probably be even bigger than before. When border crossing gets more complex and rules change often, the help from an experienced professional specialized in relocation and immigration is essential.


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