Aiding Slush in international recruitment

”Slush 2015 will, for the first time ever, feature a Recruiting Area. The focus is to eventually make recruiting an as important part of the event for startups as funding and media coverage are today” says Lauri Mikkola, a member of the partnerships team and building the Recruiting Area at Slush.

This new focus hits a very appropriate spot, as Slush has assisted startups to supercharge their growth with investment opportunities and media coverage for years as one of the leading startup events in the world. For a company’s growth however it is also vital to find the right talent and at the right time.

It is often of paramount importance for startups to achieve scalable growth and in such situations it is not always possible to wait for months to find a new employee. Sometimes employers must compromise on the best option available, even if his or her skillset is not exactly what is sought. This problem will become even more pronounced if the talent pool is geographically limited.

People who found startups and seek employment in startups are a special breed of people. They often share a sense of adventure, ability to adapt to changes, and the ability to tolerate differences. These traits give these companies the unique opportunity to establish thoroughly international teams and to utilize the international talent pool better than their competitors.

The international nature of Slush is also visible in the enterprise-partners, attending companies, and thousands of attendants. Slush can be viewed as not only an event where forward-thinking companiesand international talent meet on many levels, but also a state of mind. Creative solutions, new thoughts, and shaking up of the established structures are as much a part of Slush as startups, media, and starting this year, recruiting.

Slush’s new direction in increasing the importance of recruiting came as a positive surprise to us. As we have solved the problems with international recruitment with companies and employees alike, we have often come across varied challenges in professional immigration, residence permits, social security, and banking. We are coming to break down these and other barriers to international recruitment to Slush this year as the Opening Partner to the brand new Recrutining Area.