In the aftermath of Slush

Slush 2015 is over, and the experience was breathtaking! The Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki was filled with people and companies of all sorts, ranging from the most innovative startups to some of the largest multinational companies in the world. A large portion of the attendees was also made up of young professionals at the start of their careers with new companies, or experienced veterans looking for interesting new investment opportunities. All of them were brought together by the Slush-mentality and their interest in international environments and tasks. All of them also were there to create something new and phenomenal, and this energy was incredible to behold.

This year Slush had for the first time ever a Recruiting Area, which is supposed to grow into a third pillar for the event in the future. The folks at Slush see recruitment as an equally important part of the event as investment and media have been so far. It was a fantastic feeling to open the area to the public as the first person in the world. Judging by how many people found the area, it will be a huge success in the future.

We met with any number of interesting people, and the interest they showed towards FRS in turn was real. We found out a lot, such as it is still largely an alien thought to Finnish employers that recruitment from abroad doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Foreign professionals have also had to wrestle with this mentality. Perhaps that is why Finland has lost attractiveness in the eyes of foreign talent (IMD 2015).

Companies, startups in particular, have the desire to grow and prosper. One of the most important factors in this is finding the best talent available quickly. Globally the war for talent has been raging for quite some time, and few top companies are interested in the nationality or country of origin of that talent. The leading companies in the world are looking for the best employees regardless of country, and especially young people are willing to move across the globe for an interesting assignment. These future superstars are being recruited to Finland as well.

There are many such international companies in Finland as well, and they all have one thing in common: Great success stories. By voluntarily and knowingly restricting one’s talent pool to a geographically or linguistically small area, one only ensures that the only language needed at work is Finnish.