My summerjob as a relocation assistant

Finland Relocation Services already employs over 30 specialists, and this summer we were also recruiting assistants to support our specialists. Now our summer employee Elina Salminen tells in her own words what kind of experience the summer at FRS was like.

Office tour, HR orientation and picking up the keys. Immigration team and the coordination team. I apparently belong to the relocation team myself? Hanna, Säde, Inka, Pirjo, another Hanna. Have I already introduced myself to this person? DVV, GDPR and Migri. How many times during the first day of work do you dare to ask for clarification for a word? At least I recognize one: “Registrations” must have something to do with a car’s license plate, right?

Absorbing new information (and being slightly overwhelmed) is always part and parcel of starting a new job. Since the world of relocation was still completely new to me in May, the number of things to learn seemed particularly large. From the first day, however, it became clear that at this office you can ask anything, at any time, and from anyone. Open communication and permission to ask stupid questions made it possible to start learning new things quickly, like the fact, that “registrations” are in no way related to cars.

After the orientation days, I was able to roll up my sleeves and start working – giving responsibility to the newcomer was not avoided. I was the first relocation assistant when I started, with my task to help our relocation consultants. A relocation consultant supports a new employee relocating and settling-in to a new country. Since there are hundreds of procedures related to immigration and relocation (more than I would have ever thought), and each of our customers moving to Finland is a unique individual coming from a different culture, the tasks as a relocation assistant are also diverse. To put it in a cliché: no two working days are the same. To summarize, however, I could say that apartment search, the tax office and the strange abbreviation “DVV” have become familiar. And even though the tasks are different, the goal is always the same: to guarantee a pleasant and easy settling-in for people relocating to Finland.

The summer at FRS was a fast-paced and interesting overview of the relocation world. Since in the role of an assistant I was able to do all kinds of tasks, I believe it was a valuable work experience for someone like me, taking her first steps into working life. At its core, relocation work is about helping people. It was a pleasure to watch the efforts of my more experienced colleagues in dealing with clients’ situations, and also to receive support from this helpful work community. Although the support is important, I also felt the responsibility given to me at the very beginning as a very positive experience. Giving responsibility to a new employee is a sign of trust.

The summer is over and I’m going to continue my studies. A relaxed work community, an atmosphere of getting thing done, and meaningfully versatile tasks: there are a few reasons why I can recommend summer (or the whole year) at FRS. If you also happen to like the meaningfulness of work and other people, there is no reason not to try the wonderful world of relocation!

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