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Global talent management

The mutual-benefits perspective in global talent management

Traditionally, the ’outside-in’ approach has driven organizations to send talented employees on expatriate assignments. This means that these global talent decisions are based on external factors such as the needs of global clients. And this intuitively makes sense for the employers looking to maximize the...

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CEOs concerned

CEOs concerned – Finland has the advantage

CEOs are having a hard time. Global economic growth is slow, the world is full of changes in industries, digitalization and the ongoing march of technology bring more competitors to the market. Despite all these, the number one concern for businesses in 2016 is attracting...

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Työnantajan velvollisuudet ulkomaalaisen työntekijän palkkauksessa

Employer obligations when hiring foreign workforce in Finland

There is some uncertainty amongst employers about the employer’s requirements and obligations regarding hiring foreign professionals. As a rule of thumb it can be said, that a foreign employee is to be treated exactly as a Finnish employee working in similar post, including but not...

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Checklist for wise HR

Many experienced HR-professionals find managing the requirements and special needs of a foreign employee as new and challenging tasks. We decided to make international recruitment easier by creating a checklist with this in mind. We've collected 12 points to ease your job - some of which...

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