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Expat insights – Lauren Bengston

Lauren Bengston moved to Finland with her husband Matt and their young son in November 2016 from Virginia. Their move was the result of a deliberate desire to move to Sweden, but along the way they were redirected. “Matt has Swedish ancestry so we wanted to...

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What the heck is an apostille?

There are a lot of important documents that rarely see use. High school diplomas, marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates and many others sometimes hang on walls and sometimes lay filed away in drawers, but when the time comes to move abroad they may have an...

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makeita kokemuksia ulkomaalaisille

Sweet experiences for foreigners!

We have spent considerable time thinking about what we could do to improve the satisfaction of foreign employees and their families in Finland. One such way is to organize events to meet other people in the same situation and provide the opportunity to form social...

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Expat’s Insights – Lawrence Teo

Today Lawrence Teo, 46, tells how he and his family, his wife and son, experience work and life in Finland. Lawrence works in one of the global leaders in the home furnishing retailers. The Teos decided to move to Finland from Singapore because of the...

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No School Like New School

The Espoo International School has opened to a new semester in new and gorgeous premises in Suurpelto, Espoo. This public international school offers English education to approximately 570 people at this time. The school has three parallel tracks, so almost every grade from 1 to...

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