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Foreign Employee’s Needs

When a foreign employee moves to a new country he will have a lot of questions about working and living there. In order for his input to be utilized as effectively and quickly as possible, answering these questions is of paramount importance. So what are...

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Ulkomaalaisen työntekijän tukitoimet

Supporting a foreign hire

A foreign hire will experience multiple shocks when moving to a new country. As the move is work-based, the employer has a significant role in alleviating these shocks. Over the years many employers have used various tools to make the move easier: Immigration and relocation...

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Expectation management – Managing the future

A lot of people moving to Finland may already have experiences from living in multiple countries. In such situations it is easy for HR to lull itself into a sense that because of the previous experiences a move to Finland will be problem free. This...

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Millenial mover

Companies are operating in a whole new environment. An increasing number of young people move abroad to work upon graduation, and an increasing number of foreign born talent is needed to fill this gap. A growing percentage of this talent is a new generation: millennials....

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Sweet experiences for foreigners!

We have spent considerable time thinking about what we could do to improve the satisfaction of foreign employees and their families in Finland. One such way is to organize events to meet other people in the same situation and provide the opportunity to form social...

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Keys to attract and retain talent

In the Finnish business magazine Talouselämä on 16.9.2016, the subject of attracting and retaining highly educated talent into a country was discussed. Simplified conclusion: MOTIVATION is essential. The article in question looked at the rankings of the different Nordic countries - including Finland - in an...

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