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Residence permit is not a visa or vice versa

Residence permit, as the name suggests, refers to the right to reside in Finland. Depending on what grounds it has been granted, it can also bestow the right to work here. A visa is a document allowing entry to Finland, intended primarily for short term...

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What the heck is an apostille?

There are a lot of important documents that rarely see use. High school diplomas, marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates and many others sometimes hang on walls and sometimes lay filed away in drawers, but when the time comes to move abroad they may have an...

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Consolidation of foreigners’ permit affairs in Finland

At the start of 2017 almost all matters related to the handling of permits of foreign nationals were consolidated to the Finnish Immigration Service. This means that since the beginning of this year all residence permit and EU-registration matters are handled in the service points...

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Keys to attract and retain talent

In the Finnish business magazine Talouselämä on 16.9.2016, the subject of attracting and retaining highly educated talent into a country was discussed. Simplified conclusion: MOTIVATION is essential. The article in question looked at the rankings of the different Nordic countries - including Finland - in an...

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The officials' resources

Resources of the officials

In early autumn of 2015 we investigated whether the significant increase in migrants and asylum seekers would impact the ability of public officials to deal with the applications. We promised to keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated on whether the processing...

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