Tampere and international experts

Tampere region is Finland’s second-largest economic area and one of the country’s fastest-growing urban areas. Tampere invests in internationalization, and Finland Relocation Services has helped many foreign experts to relocate there. We interviewed Nuppu Suvanto, the Project Manager of International HUB Tampere, about the city’s business environment and internationalization.

International HUB Tampere supports the companies in finding suitable talents and making international recruitments. “We help companies by directing them to relocation services, for example. Companies planning their first international recruitments don’t always have information about all the services available”, says project manager Nuppu Suvanto. In addition to the companies, International HUB Tampere serves international experts by providing information on career opportunities and starting a company in Tampere.

International experts needed in Tampere

Tampere has a strong tradition as an industrial city. Today, technology plays a significant role, and there are many companies specializing in advanced smart technology. Tampere also invests in sustainable development, and there are several circular economy and cleantech companies in the area.

According to Nuppu Suvanto, international expertise is needed in Tampere in many different sectors. For example, companies in the gaming industry, the automotive industry and health technology need expertise from abroad both now and in the future. One major area where experts are particularly needed in Tampere is imaging technology. In addition to companies, also the university and other organizations need international researchers.

In the field of ICT, international experts have been recruited for the longest time, as it has been necessary already for a long time in areas that require special know-how. The University has also had an impact, as internationality is common in the university environment. Today, also the large companies in traditional industries have become aware of the need for international experts, as the developed technology requires more and more specialized expertise.

Tampere’s strengths in attracting international employees

We previously interviewed Sven, a German who had lived in Tampere. He thinks Tampere is just the right size, because it has everything necessary but in a suitably small area. According to Nuppu Suvanto, this is one of Tampere’s strengths in attracting experts: “In Tampere, the distances are short, which makes it easier to combine work and family life. Many places are easily reached on foot, and nature is always close. However, there are also international schools here, as well as many cultural services and leisure opportunities that cannot be found in smaller cities.”

According to Nuppu Suvanto, Tampere is also investing in internationalization, which can be seen, for example, in International HUB Tampere. The Tampere Capital of Culture project also has a strong international perspective. Adapting to Tampere is easy, as the locals are easily approachable and the services are easily accessible to foreigners as well.


Do you need help relocating your foreign employee to Tampere? Feel free to contact us! We have helped many Tampere-based companies succeed in international recruitment, and our local relocation consultant knows the city.


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