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The year was 1994. NAFTA and EEA were established. Finland held a referendum for joining the European Union. Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South-Africa. Michael Schumacher won his first Formula 1 Championship. Justin Bieber was born. In May of ’94 a giant leap for Finland’s internationalization also took place.

International mobility to and from Finland was almost nonexistent, but one woman and her family had already experienced it twice. Upon her return to Finland and facing a seemingly endless struggle with the bureaucracy, while getting reaccustomed to her homeland, one thought crossed her mind – ”There must be an easier way”. That thought gave birth to Finland Relocation Services, a thoroughbred professional in international mobility from its conception.
The newly-founded company aided Finnish corporations in conquering the challenges of international mobility. Residence permit applications, wrestling with international taxation, and apartment search for the new employees as well as the increasingly important role of families in relocations quickly proved to be important services for companies and added value to the organizations. When the competition for the top talent became increasingly fierce, more and more companies came to realize how much easier it is to attract – not to mention retain – talent when relocation services are properly managed from the beginning.
Deep in the core of the company were ingrained personal experience and understanding of the challenges of international mobility and the knowledge of how to overcome them. When the time came for Finland Relocation Services to grow, the new team members were chosen based on international and intercultural understanding and personal international mobility experience. The new blood provided additional experience and understanding from different countries and cultures, allowing Finland Relocation Services to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

One cannot be a part of an international industry without being a part of international communities and organizations. That is why Finland Relocation Services joined the leading global international mobility and relocation networks. As the Finnish representative of TIRA (The International Relocation Association) and a full member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) we are continuously cooperating with the other members of our networks.

It is through these strategic partnerships that large international corporations recognize FRS as the leading relocation services company in Finland and today we are proud to operate as the local representative of the world’s leading international relocation management companies.

The success of our clients is our passion

We have journeyed with our clients for over twenty years. We have helped, supported and befriended people and companies across business sectors and industries. We know the challenges of international mobility from both the corporate and personal perspectives, including the added needs of the family members of the relocating employee.

The success of our clients is our passion. We can and we want to help our clients succeed in international relocations.

Finland Relocation Services is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound by their ethics and rules of conduct. The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility. Further, EuRA enhances industry performance standards by communication and education.

EuRA Global Quality Seal is the relocation industry’s own quality standard. Based on an ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPI’s that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services. As a member awarded with the EuRA Global Quality Seal, Finland Relocation Services demonstrates a total commitment to quality.

Finland Relocation Services received the EuRA Quality Seal in December 2008 as the first relocation company in Finland. High quality is one of the central values of Finland Relocation Services, and we are proud of the industry recognition verifying this.