True or false? Myths about international recruitment

There are persistent myths about recruiting from abroad. Let’s correct the most common misconceptions!

Myth 1: “Companies don’t need foreign employees”

International recruitment expands the chances of finding the best talent. Hiring foreign experts helps the company grow internationally, and internationalization also benefits the work community.

“Working with a wide variety of people in a community means a wide range of perspectives, which increases creativity and leads to better results.” VP HR, UPM

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Myth 2: “Recruiting from abroad is slow”

Not necessarily! The Finnish Immigration Service’s queues and long processing times for residence permits have been widely discussed in the media. However, the process is faster with the help of an expert who ensures that all forms are completed correctly and that all necessary attachments are included. FRS customers usually receive residence permits even below the target time. It is also good to remember that recruitment from within the EU is even faster.

Hiring a foreigner does not necessarily take significantly longer than hiring from Finland. On the other hand, international recruiting can also be faster; it may take longer to find a suitable employee if the search is limited to Finland.

In addition to immigration, relocation services speed up the settling-in process. As immigration, registrations, and settling-in are faster and smoother, the new employee can focus on their work to the fullest from the start.

Myth 3: “Recruiting from abroad is expensive”

International recruitment can be more expensive in terms of direct costs if it’s not yet a routine for the company. However, affordable and clearly budgeted expert assistance is available. In addition, opportunity costs should be considered; how expensive will it be if a suitable expert cannot be found for an open position when recruitment is limited to Finland?

Myth 4: “The administrative burden increases”

The employer has obligations related to hiring foreigners, such as ensuring the right to work and storing residence permit information. However, responsibilities can be outsourced safely and easily to a relocation company.

Myth 5: “Hiring a foreigner is difficult”

International recruitment is not particularly difficult. Relocation services make the immigration and settling in easier. The relocation professional takes care of the employee’s immigration process, registrations, home and school search and settling-in on behalf of the employer.

Do you need help relocating foreign experts to Finland? At FRS, we have helped more than 30,000 foreign employees to relocate since 1994. Our services are used by companies of all sizes, regardless of industry. Feel free to contact us!

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