Foreign specialist to Finland – How to promote Finland’s image?

A foreign specialist finds it very important that the country he is moving to is interesting. Particularly millennials are at least as interested in the location as they are in the company and the position. Finland is competing with internationally more recognizable locations: London, New York, Berlin, and San Francisco hold the advantage by name recognition alone. What can tiny Finland offer in Helsinki, Oulu, Turku, or Tampere? How about other cities? Maybe more than often comes to mind. However, the marketing of Finland has to be targeted to the potential recruit.

In many of the competing locations – particularly in the United States – employees feel that the work-life balance is crooked in the wrong direction. Particularly employees with families often feel guilt or anxiety for not being able to spend as much time with their families as they should. A Finnish company has an excellent opportunity to attract a foreign specialist into their ranks by highlighting the Finnish work-life balance. In addition, the difference in quality and cost of schools and kindergartens between Finland and our international competitors is often significant. Finland’s outstanding reputation should be leveraged! After all, according to studies Finland is the best country in the world to raise a family.

How about singles then? This work-life balance will certainly speak to them as well, for who wouldn’t appreciate four weeks of paid vacation a year? In addition, the 9-17 schedule of the Finnish work day leaves significantly more free time for an employee than in countries that are viewed as much more relaxed, France or Italy for example. This garners a lot of praise from foreigners, because they have a lot more time and opportunities to meet locals and experience new things, such as the unique Finnish nature.

Finland is also at the head of the class when comparing indicators of equality, and such social factors are increasingly important nowadays. Although the freedom of press suffered a blow, Finland remains one of the top countries in the world in all metrics. For example social progressiveness, openness, and equality are positive factors for many, which is something a company seeking to attract foreign talent could highlight Finland’s exceptionality.

Quality of life in Finland is also better in many ways than anywhere else in the world. The purity and quality of air, tap water, and food are often mentioned as positives, but many visitors are also impressed by Finland’s infrastructure. The public transport system also garners praise due to its cleanliness and functionality. The speeds, prices, and lack of bandwith caps on the other hand make an impression in particular younger talent or people who use a lot of data.

Finland is a safe, open, and friendly country, where one can get by on English perfectly well. Companies have at their disposal plenty of tools to build a positive image of Finland to their potential recruits. The traditional Finnish modesty has to be abandoned however and the exceptionality of Finland has to be showcased boldly. Here the HR and marketing departments have an opportunity to work together, but it is possible to learn of attractive aspects from other sources as well.