What surprises employees moving to Finland?

When asked about what has surprised our clients’ employees about Finland, there are several common answers.

The cold is not that bad

Winter in Finland is usually relatively cold. But it’s not as bad as you would think – it’s just a matter of warm clothing. And even when it’s cold outside, the Finnish houses stay warm: the buildings are designed for cold temperatures, so they are very well insulated and have triple-glazed windows.

“We thought the cold weather would be a problem, but it’s not. The houses here are so warm, warmer than in South Africa.” Jaryd and Gabrielle, South Africa

On the other hand, the differences between seasons are very distinctive in Finland, and the summers are quite warm.

“In the summer it felt like home when there was Indian weather in Tampere.” Ajay and Pooja, India

The nature

Finland is known for its lakes and forests, but the amount of nature may still surprise.

“I knew Finland was going to be beautiful, but I didn’t expect so much natural nature. It’s also very clean here.” Kim, Canada

“We are excited about nature, forests, and hiking – it feels unreal, we can’t believe we are living here! It’s like a painting with all the trees and snow.” Jaryd and Gabrielle, South Africa

Friendly Finns

The stereotypical Finn is cold and reserved, which many relocatees have found to be untrue.

“People always tell that people in Finland are very reserved, but everyone has been very kind and friendly to us, very accommodating and understanding. They want to make us feel welcome. Finland has been fantastic for us so far.” Nitin and Layna, USA

The language

Finnish is very different from most other languages, but it’s not impossible to learn. It’s also not necessary to know any Finnish when moving to Finland, as almost everyone speaks English. Studying English and Swedish is compulsory in schools, and many Finns have also studied other languages, for example German or French. You can also understand international movies, as they are not dubbed but have Finnish subtitles.

“However, we have already learnt some Finnish words. It’s not so impossible language after all. We are also impressed by how well everyone speaks English
here, which makes life here easy.” Inês and Pedro, Portugal

Value for money

Some foreign employees have been afraid of the high taxation in Finland, but they have found the money is used well.

“Although it is more expensive to live in Finland than in Germany and many other countries, you get value for your money here. People see that tax money is being used for their benefit; for example, childcare and healthcare are very good and unproblematic.” Sven, Germany

Smooth relocation

To support the relocation of foreign employees to Finland, employers can offer relocation services. Different companies from many sectors and various sizes, from startups to big multinationals, use our services to make their new employees feel welcome to Finland.

“With relocation services, everything was so smooth and super easy. Our consultant gave us all the forms and helped to fill them, helped to find a home and with move-in check and utilities.” Afrooz, Iran


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