Why to outsource relocation services?

Smooth relocation helps the foreign employee to focus on their work to the fullest from the beginning. Professional relocation services are important for the employer brand as well.

The smooth relocation process

Starting a new job is a big step in life, especially if you have moved to a new country. In addition to adopting a new job and workplace practices, a foreign employee must take care of, for example, searching a home, the immigration process and registrations, opening a bank account, and finding schools and kindergartens for children. The integration of the spouse must also be ensured: the spouse’s integration issues are the most common cause for failure in international assignments. If you do not succeed in settling into everyday life painlessly, you will not be able to function fully at work. In the worst-case scenario, the expensive and lengthy recruitment will fail and the expert returns prematurely.

When immigration, registrations, and settling in a new country are handled smoothly, the new employee will be able to focus on their work to the fullest from the start. Employee satisfaction and work efficiency are better while not having to stress about immigration-related problems. Smooth relocation also increases the employee’s interest in staying in their new job when the attitude towards the new home country and job is positive from the beginning.

Residence permit matters

In international recruitments, special attention should be paid to the proper handling of permit matters. The employer’s responsibilities include, for example, ensuring the validity of the residence permit and the right to work. These matters are sometimes complex, and improper conduct can result in employer’s violation of the Aliens Act. To avoid risks, you should seek the help of an experienced relocation expert.

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Permit matters and registrations vary considerably from country to country. Thus, when sending an employee abroad, it is important to know the rules and operating methods of each country. FRS’s global partner network ensures that all immigration matters will be processed appropriately globally.

Relocation services and employer brand

“As soon as they mentioned that there would be a relocation specialist helping us, we were like yes please!” said Canadian Kim in our interview. Many international experts have moved from one country to another several times and are accustomed to receiving professional relocation assistance. They also expect to receive quality service in Finland, so providing relocation services is important for the employer brand.

Guaranteeing a quality relocation service requires expertise and experience. In addition to residence permits and government practices, in-depth knowledge of, for example, the housing market, international schools, and cultural differences are also required. FRS has 26 years of experience in the field and the only EuRA Global Quality Seal accreditation in Finland. All of our experts have also worked abroad themselves, so they know how it feels to relocate.

The relocation expertise is needed

The rules and practices related to immigration and relocation can change, and staying up to date requires specialization in just these things. By relying on a service provider that specializes in relocation, a company’s human resources and business management can focus on doing what they are best at.

Particularly during the corona pandemic, companies have faced new types of situations, with immigration becoming more complex in some cases. The help of an experienced expert has been necessary, and our client companies have been grateful for our help:

“The help of an relocation expert is really needed when employees move from one country to another. I appreciate Finland Relocation Services’ long experience, expertise and fast service. They know the rapidly changing laws and regulations, and also provide additional information and suggest solutions that we would not have been able to even ask for. Even during the corona epidemic, we have received all the support and help we need; The FRS has kept us updated and provided very useful information. We know that if challenging situations arise, they will help us.”

The employees who have moved to Finland have also been happy with the help:

“The value provided here is not just the hours saved and hassle avoided. Being in the care of a competent and caring professional reduced our worry and made all of our other time more productive and enjoyable. What could have been a complicated and frustrating process was actually rather pleasant!”

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