Work permit, work visa, or employee’s residence permit?

There are various terms associated with a foreign employee’s immigration. In this article, we explain how work permits, work visas, and employee’s residence permits differ from each other.

Work permit, residence permit, and right to work

A work permit is used in several countries, but in Finland, a residence permit is used instead of a work permit – although a work permit is a word commonly used in spoken language.

Instead, the right to work is essential: it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that a foreign employee has the right to work in Finland. EU citizens get the right to work in Finland without a separate permit application, but employees moving from outside the EU must apply for a residence permit entitling them to work. However, there are some cases in which a foreign expert has the right to work in Finland for some time even without a residence permit – we describe these situations in more detail in this article.

Residence permits for employees and specialists

There are several different types of residence permits in Finland, which include either a limited or unlimited right to work. There are different residence permits for employees, managers, specialists, and researchers, and it’s not always obvious what the right type of permit is for each foreign employee – not to mention the permit application process and the choice of the right attachments. The employer should therefore offer the employee the help of experienced immigration experts to get the right permits and allow the new employee to start work as soon as possible.

Work visa

A work visa is in use in the United States, for example, but no actual work visa is used in Finland. In Finland, a visa is intended for a short stay and does not usually include the right to work. For example, attending conferences can be allowed. Read more about visas and residence permits in this article.

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