Frequently asked questions






Where do you operate?

In Finland our headquarters are in the Helsinki region. In addition to the capital area, we service Tampere, Salo (Turku) and Oulu. Other locations are available on request. For outbound relocations we operate globally through our network of partners.

My employee is an EU citizen. Do they need a residence permit?

Not as such, but also EU nationals have to consider immigration aspects when their stay in Finland is long enough. Additionally, other local administrative registrations are always needed for EU citizens.

We are in the process of hiring a new employee. We want to convince our ideal candidate to move to Finland. Can you assist in this?

We would be honored to! We offer recruitment-phase consulting to set the expectations on the correct level and provide support to bring out the relevant pull-factors for the candidate. We also organize pre-visits, so that the candidate can see first-hand what his or her potential new home country is like and what they can expect in terms of support.

We understand the need for spousal support, but do not have the resources to assist in this area. Do your services touch up on this?

Recognizing that the spouse and family also need support is already a tremendous first step. We’ve been supporting families for 25 years and our staff has personal experience in family relocations. Our Family Program and spousal support add-ons are the perfect solution for this.

We have never hired from abroad. What should be our first steps?

Great to hear that you are expanding your recruitment scope. We offer comprehensive consultation and training for businesses looking to take their first steps in international hires. We also offer turnkey solutions for global recruitment, including pre-arrival programs.

One of our employees needs to be transferred from Finland to a new host country. Do you provide outbound services?

Sure! Through our extensive global network, we can provide outbound relocation services to where your business needs them.

So far, we’ve been taking care of our newcomers by ourselves. How would we benefit from using your services?

Productivity is increased when all parties can focus on their core tasks. Financially, your business will benefit from cost-efficiency, lower retention costs and more accurate forecasting. Additionally, you improve your business image, and ensure happy long-term employees.

We’re planning to recruit several new hires from abroad. Which services do you recommend for us?

The suitable services depend on several factors including nationality, dependents and scope of relocation needs. We ensure that our services are perfectly suited to your business to provide the best possible mobility experience for your employees.

One of our new hires has already arrived in Finland but has faced problems with local practicalities and finding a new home. Would you be able to help with short notice?

Absolutely. Service initiation is quick and we can assign a personal relocation consultant to your employee with a very short notice.

Our company has decided to start recruiting talent from abroad. What are the most critical aspects to consider when recruiting talents?

Competition for the best talents is tough. In addition to competing with other potential employers, you also compete with countries and living standard in them. A great relocation process is a key sales card for cross-border recruiters. Many candidates won't even consider a position abroad, if relocation support isn't provided. There are also certain details regarding the employment contract and salary that need to be taken into account. Contact our sales team to get a free consultation on this issue.

The relocation packages you offer on your website are great, but I still have additional requirements? How can I order them?

We offer a set of packages based on our clients’ needs. As each case is unique, we always make sure that the ordered service package is exactly what is needed. Talk to our sales team to get a more precise offer.

When should I start planning the relocation process?

Start planning the relocation process early. We recommend starting even before you start the recruitment. Often applicants ask a number of relocation related questions during the interviews and having well-planned answers may be crucial to close the hire.