Feb 20, 2024 Juha Niemi

Customer Reference: Elcogen - Green Energy, Global Team

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Elcogen is a leading clean energy technology provider operating out of Estonia, Finland, and the UK. Being a top manufacturer, they play a crucial role in changing the global energy mix. Their goal is a shift from fossil fuels to reasonably priced green hydrogen and emission-free power.  

Elcogen’s commitment to building a diverse and skilled team parallels this innovative drive for clean energy. That's where Finland Relocation Services comes in.  



Overview of the Partnership 

Elcogen and FRS cooperation shows how strategic collaborations can effectively bridge the gap between global talent acquisition and operational needs.  Elcogen's Head of HR, Kadri Kruusaauk, provides insightful commentary on this fruitful partnership.  

She emphasizes FRS’s critical role in smoothly incorporating global experience into their expanding workforce.

"FRS's proficiency in handling work permit processes expedited bringing our international talent to Finland, which was vital for our operations”, she says. 

A multicultural workforce is crucial for fostering innovation in the clean energy sector. FRS has offered professional assistance, especially when handling the challenges of moving abroad.  

Customized service provides a seamless transition 


The proactive and customized nature of FRS's approach guarantees that each client's unique needs are effectively satisfied. Elcogen employees had a seamless transition thanks in large part to this customized service. "FRS's tailored support made the relocation process for our staff straightforward and stress-free," Kruusaauk stated. 

Kruusaauk's feedback on Elcogen's experience with Finland Relocation Services highlights the beneficial effects of FRS's services. She is grateful to FRS for their promptness and thorough advice, which helped Elcogen's staff members understand difficult bureaucratic procedures.


"The assistance in managing intricate forms and providing essential information was invaluable to our team," she states. 


Shifting to Suit Customer Needs

 The collaboration between FRS and Elcogen illustrates the company's flexibility in meeting a range of obstacles and surpassing customer expectations. Kruusaauk values FRS's commitment to facilitating the smooth integration of their foreign employees. 

The partnership between Elcogen and Finland Relocation Services exemplifies the important part that professional international recruitment and relocation assistance play in the current global business landscape. When helping businesses such as Elcogen manage the challenges posed by a global workforce, FRS stands out as a reliable partner by providing comprehensive, effective and customized relocation solutions

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Published by Juha Niemi February 20, 2024