Mar 19, 2024 Juha Niemi

Navigating the Future of Finnish Worklife with the ‘International Talents Boosting Growth’ Project


Finland's innovative initiative, "International Talents Boosting Growth" (Kokka Kohti Suomea), represented a forward-thinking approach to addressing talent shortages. This EU-funded effort, part of Finland's broader strategy to attract global talent, made significant strides in streamlining international recruitment processes before its completion in late 2023.

Simplifying International Recruitment

At the heart of this initiative was the commitment to making it easier for Finnish companies to hire abroad. The project was pivotal in demystifying the complexities associated with international hiring by providing targeted support and services.

"We aimed to bridge the gap between Finnish companies and the global talent pool, ensuring a smoother recruitment journey," explains Heidi Popova, who worked on the project as the project manager.

From the outset, the partnership with Finland Relocation Services was vital. "Our collaboration with FRS was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for international talents and their families," states Popova. This partnership facilitated the integration of global professionals into the Finnish workforce, making the relocation process as seamless as possible.

Financial Support as a Catalyst

Offering financial incentives to companies was a critical component of the project. This support effectively lowered the barriers to international recruitment, encouraging businesses to explore the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Timo Selovuo, who worked on the project as a project expert, remarks that reducing the initial hurdles for companies was a game-changer and accelerated the pace at which companies could bring in international talent.

Measuring Impact and Collaboration

Feedback from participating companies was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the initiative's success in clarifying and streamlining service offerings. This feedback underscores the project's role in altering perceptions about governmental agility and responsiveness in facilitating international recruitment.

The collaboration with Finland Relocation Services showcased the project's collaborative spirit. This partnership was crucial in navigating relocation challenges, ensuring that international talents and their families experienced a seamless transition to life in Finland. "Working with FRS was a cornerstone of our success, exemplifying the strength of public-private partnerships," Popova remarked.

Looking Forward

The comprehensive support for international talents extended beyond mere recruitment, focusing on integration and retention. This holistic approach emphasized the importance of creating a welcoming environment for international hires and their families, which was crucial to their long-term success and happiness in Finland.

The "International Talents Boosting Growth" initiative is more than just a recruitment strategy; it is a testament to Finland's commitment to becoming a more inclusive and diverse society. Through initiatives like these, Finland addresses immediate talent needs and invests in a future that values diversity and global collaboration.

If you are facing challenges in international recruitment or need help in the relocation process, contact the FRS team to learn more about our services!

Published by Juha Niemi March 19, 2024