Apr 23, 2024 Juha Niemi

FRS’s approach to transportation guidelines during relocation services

As part of Finland Relocation Services’ commitment to providing high-quality relocation services, we want to inform our stakeholders about a critical policy change. The Police Administration and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) have recently underlined their guidelines for transporting individual customers during relocation services. These policies are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance within the transportation sector.

According to the policy, only individuals holding an official taxi license are authorized to conduct transportation services for individual customers. As a result, we are adjusting our practices to comply with this requirement. From now on, we will guide individual customers to their official appointments using alternative transportation, including public transportation or taxi services. 

While this adjustment may require some flexibility, we at FRS are committed to ensuring smooth service delivery for our clients. Additionally, to maintain the high quality of our services, we have established partnerships with taxi providers. These partnerships allow us to continue offering reliable transportation options. We are currently assessing the additional costs associated with each service, and detailed information will be provided to clients in the coming weeks.

As we update our practices, we will transparently communicate these changes to our clients. By adhering to the new policy, we can continue providing excellent relocation services while prioritizing the unique needs of individual clients during their settlement process in Finland. 

Published by Juha Niemi April 23, 2024