Mar 13, 2024 Juha Niemi

Crown Worldwide Group & FRS: Partnership Carved in Trust


Established in 1965, Crown Worldwide Group has graced the business landscape for nearly six decades. As a worldwide Relocation Management Company, they have an expansive reach, with over 270 locations spread across 53 countries. Their achievements speak for themselves; with over 3 million people relocated worldwide. Crown holds a firm belief that their partners must share a common quality — the experience and insight to handle anything, whether complex or routine. 

Their criteria for selecting a partner are stringent, emphasizing forming a genuine partnership. A partner must boast market capabilities that Crown is eyeing, the ability to provide extensive services even in small localities, and exhibit expertise, recommendations, documentation, and legal prowess. 
This foundation is why Finland Relocation Services (FRS) emerged as Crown's top choice in Finland.

With years of collaboration behind, FRS has been Crown's dedicated service provider in Finland, ticking all the boxes of Crown's meticulous selection process.



With Finnish multinational companies under Crown's umbrella, which have offices globally and in Finland, FRS takes on the crucial role of providing relocation destination services within Finland. This might entail relocating an employee from an international branch to Finland or onboarding a talent hired from overseas.

FRS's services stand out not just for their efficiency but also for their personal touch. Each relocating talent is paired with a dedicated relocation specialist, who provides in-person assistance for all local tasks — be it registrations, house hunting, or settling-in. This approach underscores the intimate and personalized nature of the services FRS offers.

Cooperation between FRS and Crown Worldwide has been easy and smooth

Vandana Aiyer, Crown Worldwide Group's Regional Account Manager says that the cooperation is smooth and the partnership has felt natural. " There's this mutual ease between our teams. FRS consistently stays ahead of the curve, offering us timely guidance and adapting to the rapidly evolving market conditions. Their commitment is evident in how they stick to timelines and promptly handle escalations", she describes.

Vandana appreciates that FRS continually reviews and refines their processes. "They keep us in the loop at all times, which has been crucial in setting the expectations right. All in all, the structured approach, their holistic view of tasks, and the outstanding relationship we've built are testimony to their commitment to excellence.”

When quizzed on what Crown cherishes the most about their collaboration with FRS, Vandana candidly replies, laughing, "Everything!"

Published by Juha Niemi March 13, 2024