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Working together. Courage. Freedom. Responsibility. 

The Story of FRS

Founded in Finland in 1994, we at FRS have led the way for immigration and relocation services in Finland for almost 30 years. Our roots are in the family business, but these days, we are a company with a wide service offering covering everything that supports our customer's growth in the field of global mobility. Since the summer of 2021, FRS has joined working life company Barona as an independent business unit.

Yearly we help thousands of talent and their families relocate. We are a trusted partner for more than 350 employers. Our recipe for successful relocation consists of a unique combination of skills and modern technology. This way, we are able to provide an inclusive process regardless of location.

Our team consists of global mobility, immigration, and relocation experts, who all share a passion for helping talent and their families throughout the life-changing moving experience. Personal relocation experience is deep in the soul of our company. Our team of experts holds the knowledge to overcome the challenges of international mobility and the empathy of truly understanding things from talents' perspectives. A diverse team with a wide range of language skills, intercultural understanding, and experience further complements our skillset. The success of our clients is our passion. We can and want to help our clients succeed in international relocations.


We are dedicated to elevating talent to overcome borders globally

Our timeline

First relocation company in Finland
First relocation company in Finland
In 1994, international mobility to and from Finland was scarce compared to today. Then, one woman and her family business paved the way for FRS to become Finland's first relocation service provider.
10 years of relocations
10 years of relocations

After 10 years, FRS now boasts a team of 5 employees and has expanded its services from the capital area to include Oulu and Tampere. Although there is now some competition in the market, FRS remains the marketing leader thanks to its focus on providing relocation services. 

Providing services all over the globe
Providing services all over the globe
With an extensive network spanning the globe, FRS is now able to provide top-quality services worldwide. As Finland's first and only relocation provider to be awarded the Eura Quality Seal+ certificate, FRS is at the forefront of the industry. With partners in over 100 countries worldwide and services available in six Finnish cities, FRS is well-equipped to meet clients' needs locally and internationally.
FRS leads the way in employee and family integration
FRS leads the way in employee and family integration

Having been in the market for two decades, FRS has created long-lasting client relationships by providing comprehensive relocation services, including cultural training and spouse support programs. Today, as international recruitment becomes more common in Finland, more businesses follow FRS's lead and recognize the importance of supporting new employees and their families.

The importance of relocation services highlighted during the pandemic
The importance of relocation services highlighted during the pandemic

As the world rapidly changes, it's crucial to stay aware of the ever-changing restrictions. FRS has demonstrated their professionalism during the pandemic by successfully assisting their clients in relocating their employees despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Barona acquires majority stake in FRS: Joining forces to lead the way in international talent acquisition
Barona acquires majority stake in FRS: Joining forces to lead the way in international talent acquisition

It's a known fact that Finland needs more international talent to fill its skills shortage, and the working life company Barona is preparing to expand its volumes in immigration. With Barona's recent acquisition of a majority stake in FRS, the two companies have joined forces to lead the way in international talent acquisition and make a real impact. FRS's years of experience in providing exceptional relocation services, combined with Barona's expertise in working life services, create a dynamic partnership that is poised to address Finland's talent needs and help businesses thrive.

Marina Velikova starts as the new CEO of FRS
Marina Velikova starts as the new CEO

As we enter 2022, a new chapter begins for FRS as the family-owned business steps aside and welcomes a new CEO from Barona. With Barona Relocation now being migrated to the team, FRS is ready to embark on a new storyline and continue its mission to provide top-notch relocation services and support to clients around the world.

FRS now

Currently, FRS boasts an extensive range of services that cater to the complete journey of international recruitment, supporting our clients' growth in global mobility. Our expanded skill set enables us to provide an all-encompassing service offering that differentiates us from our competitors. With 38 employees on board, our growth has been remarkable, and our ability to provide a unique and comprehensive range of services is unparalleled. We are excited to continue significantly impacting Finland's international presence.



Working together

We create happier working life by working together. We share our competencies and expertise with our colleagues, employees, and customers.

We respect each other’s opinions and strive to find the best solutions together. We make it visible and celebrate the achievements we have accomplished together.


We give people the freedom to be exactly who they are and to work in their preferred ways by following the principles we have set together.

With us, people do not have to hide any aspects of their lives, not a religion, not a hobby, or the ones they love. We believe in people and the working life designed by them.


We encourage experiments and rolling up one’s sleeves without fearing mistakes. We are pioneers rather than followers.
We set ambitious goals and create a happier and fairer working life through them. We respect those who take responsibility, the ones who spontaneously and creatively start developing something new (by utilizing their strengths).


Together we work to promote an equal and ethical working life. We encourage transparent operations that support diversity and honor differences.

In our eyes, everyone deserves to find their own place in working life. We are not afraid to take up difficult matters when necessary. We encourage everyone to do responsible actions and find time for each other to make that little effort that can make quite a big difference to someone else.

We are part of Barona, and the people of Barona are known for their responsible actions in working life.


We are part of Barona, a working life company, operating in eleven different business sectors and covering a wide range of needs from recruitment to outsourcing. FRS closely collaborates with Barona community companies to build solutions targeting the talent shortage in the Nordics. 
Strong on our own, virtually unbeatable together